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Think! Life Is That Energy Plant! - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

The eternal dance of Energy,
That can neither be created nor be destroyed,
Only enjoys its own dance!

One type of Energy to appear
and equivalent amount has to disappear!
Or if one energy disappear,
It appear in another form!

If one has to live, need energy in one form,
converting it to another form
Body is that dynamic system,
Which Consumes one form of it one form of Energy
To covert into another!

Body is that device that consumes
One form of matter to another form
Oxygen into carbon dioxide,
And then the carbohydrates,
Proteins, lipids, neucleotides and minerals,

Continuous conversion of one form
to another is that life!

For what purpose energy dances
Here on the stage of
Just think and just think, think,
who is thinking for what?

It is that consciousness that thinks? ..
And unconscious is watching and noting,
And what is the use of this dance,

When sum total of all energies is constant,
What is the use of converting, one form of Energy into another form,
What is that useful energy
Used as useful work?

Yes there is that greatest scientist
Behind all devices, the conversion engines,
Silently gathering information of own,
Converting that Unconscious part to consciousness,
Then gathering data to analyse and finally construct the powerful device,
Updating constantly,
Everythought, every information,
And the purpose of the dance may be,
Conversion of useless thoughts useful ones,

Think, think, who's thinking
Think think, why are you thinking,
Think, think, why are we living,
Think, think how to think,
To covert that useful,
yet laying useless,
Unconscious part of your own,
To bring forth as usefull to you and all,
Including that divine purpose of knowing more than enjoying more!

Think think, and think
you are the C.E.O.
your own energy conversion plant
How to improve efficiency,
To convert more and more
Useless things to useful, or useful to useless,
Any way you are here till that day
Of your retirement, friends and relatives only
Arrange send off party in absence of you!

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