Oluwatosin Richard Shiba Aribo

This Hubris - Poem by Oluwatosin Richard Shiba Aribo

I grew up a normal kid
From a happy family
From a proud country
But that is where it ends,
Somewhere between childhood
And adulthood
Things got twisted'
Really twisted'
For me'
For country'
Even for this paper l'm writing on'

I saw the world as an oyster'
Found temporary happiness in beer'
Temporary peace in weed'
Temporary warmth in women'
Temporary comradeship in men'

But it was with my dog'boom'
That I found frienship and trust'
He was dependable, trustworthy, funny'
He didn't get jealous'
Wouldn't screw my girl'
Ate his meals and never complained
Of too much salt or something'
He was really cool'
But Boom died and I buried him
Under the guava tree at d back
Of the house'

It was strange
That I could find this friendship in
A dog'
Until I realised I wasn't special'
I was one of and among the heap
Of human ruble'
Scheming like the others'
For some insignificant advantage'
I too could not be trusted'

I looked for meaning in family'
Looked for balance in poetry'
Looked for sanity in dark rooms'
I searched history for answers'
Went in and out of philosophies'
I became more and more alone'
Became a solitary figure'
My soul became more and more

It was worse for my country'
She went from good to bad,
From bad to worse'
And now, madness'
She befriended the rogue states
Of the time,
Pakistan, libya,

Soon I realised we are all wrapped up
In this living'
All screaming for rehabilitation'
Everybody with his own'

In the midst'
Of this confusion,
This uncertainty'
This hot lavae'
Something happened'
Something sparked in my head'
That is when I receeded into this'
When I sunk completely
Into this hubris'
Oluwatosin Aribo (2009)

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 1, 2012

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