Tired And Unhappy, You Think Of Houses Poem by Delmore Schwartz

Tired And Unhappy, You Think Of Houses

Rating: 2.8

Tired and unhappy, you think of houses
Soft-carpeted and warm in the December evening,
While snow's white pieces fall past the window,
And the orange firelight leaps.
A young girl sings
That song of Gluck where Orpheus pleads with Death;
Her elders watch, nodding their happiness
To see time fresh again in her self-conscious eyes:
The servants bring in the coffee, the children go to bed,
Elder and younger yawn and go to bed,
The coals fade and glow, rose and ashen,
It is time to shake yourself! and break this
Banal dream, and turn your head
Where the underground is charged, where the weight
Of the lean building is seen,
Where close in the subway rush, anonymous
In the audience, well-dressed or mean,
So many surround you, ringing your fate,
Caught in an anger exact as a machine!

Gur Liraz 27 June 2008

'Anger exact as a machine' Well, that's one to remember. Beautifully writen! !

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Delmore Schwartz

Delmore Schwartz

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