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To All Tormenting Souls‬ - Poem by none .....

They may have told you these words
That you are unworthy, always at loss
That you need to be a better person
That to be loved you need to be famous
And in your dreams,
Those words may have haunted you like nightmares
In your moments of peace,
When you were alone and okay
They may have whispered…
That you need to prove yourself
That you need to suffocate & suffer
Work hard & labor
And you try & try, to follow their suggestions
And you try & try, to please others
And you tried & tried, until you dried out of all your determinations
Exhausted, ashamed with fear
Can't stop rolling these tears
When no one loves you as you are
Even those you gave your heart to
Your lover, relatives, parents & friends
Everyone bribes your trust
Give you hopes to soar high
And make you feel worse
Then you are filled with dark thoughts
Then all hopes are scattered
Then you ail for help
My dear, don't feel sorry for yourself
Don't regret
I can understand, it happens
Not only to you, but to everyone
So, don’t hesitate
They are just a simple misunderstandings
No matter the words they say
Good or bad
Remember, it's just a mental harass
That they were also told once
It's no one's mistake
All are innocent
You don't need to hate yourself
Or others for that
Rather, lets sit together & face the fact
Born alone you were, alone you shall die
Born out of emptiness, in emptiness you reside
Avoid not this loneliness, my dear
This chance to be alone & silent
For here shines the eternal sun
Of love & wisdom
Beauty & compassion
Life teaching you its precious lessons
Why don't we sit for a while
And learn them
Why don't we stop running after crowd
Stop judging & being judged
Stop hankering for shallow appreciations
Lets love each other as we are
Lets not expect too much
And rejoice in whatsoever we have
Respect this precious life
Of yours & everyone

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 29, 2015

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