To Hex Or Not Poem by Jeremy Farmer

To Hex Or Not

Gliding fingers caress the rail
As my voice rises to the moon
Through the darkness a calling wail
A craven song of haunting tune
In the night in the ancient rune
Echoes of time on chiming bells
Yet fear has come again too soon
And I'm left crawling on egg shells

Once more I hear the secret tale
Reminding me I'm not immune
That I can fall, and I can fail
On my past mistakes are strewn
On vale and hill and sandy dune
Lie errors and the miscast spells
That speak of one learning the moon
And I'm left crawling on egg shells

Like the wolf I walk my own trail
And sing my song to the new moon
Be she bright or shimmering pale
The arcane words my soul shall croon
The spirit call written in rune
Different worlds and parallels
My love and fears seem picayune
As I'm left crawling on egg shells

I'll sing my songs beneath the moon
In lunar light I'll cast my spells
And know the fear in ancient rune
When I'm left crawling on egg shells

Friday, October 30, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life,questions
Jeremy Farmer

Jeremy Farmer

Oxford, UK
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