Cain XXX

Rookie (1992 / Singapore)

Tonight - Poem by Cain XXX

We are walking together
In silence
Appropriate for the solemnity
The dark night sky
The cold silver moon and
The shadowy streets
We walk
Give to the occasion.
It is tonight.
Tonight is our night.

But we are tired
Our hands are aching from
Clutching desperately at
Pens that always seem too thin or too thick.
Our eyes are bleary from hours of
Staring at our textbooks’ ridiculously fine print
Which if I had the strength,
I would complain about.
I would tell you that the publisher’s cheap
And that he was trying to save paper and printing ink
By squeezing as many tiny words into a page as possible
And that he was the source of all our misery
But that is not the truth,
Is it?

We are silent
Because we have nothing to say
Because we have no energy to say the things
We want. We need.
To say.
We both know
We are running out of time
Or maybe
Time is running away from us.
Soon, we’ll both have to leave
And we’ll promise to keep in touch
But we both know
That it will not be the same
It will not be like
Because this is tonight.
Tonight is our night.

As we both walk
The shadowy streets
Under the dark night sky
Looking up at the cold silver moon
I would like to take your aching hand in mine and
Stare into your bleary eyes
If only to say,
With the all the energy that I have left,
I am glad that you are with me
Because this is tonight
Not last, tomorrow
Or any other night.
And tonight, is our night.

I love you.

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