Trying to be cool
Al thru life I been schooled
It’s a shame… things are still the same
Moving up trying to make it for myself
Has become a challenging task
One minute rolling with the punches
Road is smooth and wide
Next minute keep getting hit with the negative ways
Road has become bumpy and narrow
Never will I lose my cool

Keeping the sanity cool
All thru life I have been schooled
It’s a shame… nothing has changed
Being a minority in much is a trait that makes one stronger
Working in the corporate world…
We can’t do what they do…For it is wrong in their eyes…
My work exceeds theirs… so daily under a microscope…
Watching for any wrong to be committed… so they keep me lower level
Just to see if my mind will crumble
Refuse to let my cool become lukewarm

Looking forward… staying cool
All thru life I have been schooled
It’s a doggone shame…this is happening again
My visual sensation…
Judged by ignorance and stupidity of feeble minded individuals…
A wonderful woman…
Ridiculed, slandered, disrespected
A beautiful black woman…
Judged on whether intelligence lives within me…
because of the hue of my permanent attire…I am lowered in status …
Ridiculed, slandered, disrespected
A sensational single black mother…
Judged whether my kids all have the same father…
Is her mentality ghetto bound…running chaos…tearing things down…
To maintain composer to deal with the asinine, thick head people is very hard
They won’t steal my cool…

Thinking realistically starting to be Ice cool
All thru life I have been schooled
It’s a damn shame…doesn’t look like in this time anything will change
All the more reason to gather all resources
Begin to start my own business
It’s been talked about
It’s been dreamt about
It’s been planned out

Cooler than cucumber cool
All thru life I have been schooled
Have education
In the streets… In the corporate trade
Combine the two…something incredible and undeniable will be made
Too cool to shatter
Too cool to let insignifance matter
Too cool to hold my head down
Too cool I walk with a mind that is sound…

Just too cool…

Jen Of Poetry™
©Dec 12 2011

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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