Tough Love- - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

I know I am tough one
But if done right I can be that one.
Laying in night alone has become habitual and
I see my thoughts having conversation on what is needed to break the cycle,
To accept and not, when it comes to that right Bo.
My heart questions my motives telling me I am being to Selective.
Of course I am.
Someone has to look out for us.
As much as we both want it,
We are not sure if we can handle the consequence of opening up again.
She's the forgiving sort anyway, always looking past the hurt,
But best believe I know she doesn’t forget.
She is fickle like that.
she want it and can partially accept it but can’t give it back in full accord
to complete the bond for fear that pain may find its way back and demolish what the love she has left.
That trust thing, is a major part.
It’s there but its cloaked as resentment for the abuse it suffered.
Trying to get it won’t be easy.
Breaking the shell requires a lot of work.
It can’t be forced and it won’t be intimidated.
Its hard being in this state of perplexity.
The stories that lie in the past are still fresh in the present.
Like ghost, they haunt every possible relation that comes in view.
What are their motives and intentions?
Others took my free will and love for granted, leaving me out in the cold to care alone.
Once closeness and intimacy creates a bond, will the poisonous thoughts reveal the true intentions of captivity and physical demise and begin fearing for life?
Will the security and time be cheated and wasted.

There are factors that play in finding that one that who will
gently touch,
have the strength to protect and love at the same time watch to know me
understand the past lived and release the perfect future.
I am tough love but very beneficial once your receive me.


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 2, 2015

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