True Love (To My Husband Paul) Poem by Nora Eason

True Love (To My Husband Paul)

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Dear Paul,

I felt the urge to put my feelings in writing,
I know you already know how I feel but this is so exciting.
The thought of not being with you is frightening.
Never shall I kiss someone else's lips,
After kissing you I have yet to come to grips.

With our love combined everything is in reach,
Our connection cannot be breached.
Words cannot express,
How you have captured my heart with success.

Paul, you mean so much o me,
I Will love you forever, that I guarantee.
You are my Sweetheart day by day,
Without you my life goes astray.

All of you is what I need,
Together, we will succeed.
Bye-bye, my love,
I pray that you remember all I said above.

Marieta Maglas 15 April 2010

very nice confessional poem about love belonging to lyrism, thank you for sharing...God bless... 10/10

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 August 2008

Emotion is the state of mind at a point of time where a poet can write 'Never shall I kiss someone else's lips, '. It's the composition of lovely emotion.

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James B. Earley 25 July 2008

A delightful tribute to Paul. And case you might be totally unaware of the circumstance....please read.....and ponder the poem abive this comment....very....very carefully!

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