Rayniece D. Clayborne

True Meaning - Poem by Rayniece D. Clayborne

I sit here here.
I ask of your pressence.
No, I'm fine.
I just like spending time with you.
I didn't realize, measure for measure.
Just how very special you'd become to me.
I'm very thankful.. to have been introduced.
I must admit, your'e very dear to me.
I tell all my friends, family, and share of all you do.
I was very much lonley..until I met you.
I guess you made up in your mind.
To teach me to be very sincere, and kind.
I don't fret as much since i know you have my back.
I'm sharing caring, and turning over new leaves daily.
Leaving a great impact.
This is the way I do my part..in trying to encourafe many hearts.
When I ran.. you came after me, and stayed by my side.
Lord I thank you for keeping me alive.
I guess this is why I smile.. not worrying about much.
Will I get married? this is not what's on my mind.
How can I make a difference...seeking treasure for the soul.
This is what completes me on a whole.
I share cause I care....I feel your benevolent pressence.
I hear a melody..which strikes a cord....I'm never bored.
I'm yours...no longer pondering..or aimously wondering.
Loving every chance I get.
Making a difference.. makes you humble.
No matter the size.. it's the mere fact.. we must all do our part.
And really give it all we got..to save a dying world.
No matter.. cause his word won't go unspoken.
This is my gift.. and I really do cherish this token.
Show love..not love at.. this becomes very old hat.. if you dont' pratice.
This on a daily basic... everyone needs to be told theyr'e loved.
This is what God does when he pardons our sin.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 14, 2008

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