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Trust Me - Poem by Miss Thang

Trust Me

No apologies are necessary for expressing what you thought.
I’m here for you whether it’s uncomfortable or not.
I’ll always listen without judgment or making it about me.
Don’t ever doubt that I care how you feel and what you need.
I know sometimes the things that go through our mind
Are hard to feel and express sometimes.
I know that being vulnerable and open isn’t easy to do.
You wonder if I’ll be hurt or mad at you.
But, baby the thing I need you to understand
Is that I’ve never asked you to be more than human.
You have feelings and you have fears too
I would never ask you to pretend not to be you.
There’s nothing you can do and nothing you can say
That will ever make me leave you or make me go away.
I am your wife. Not a chick or a fling.
You got me for life when you gave me this ring.
This ring represents an unbreakable bond.
One that’s forever present and eternally strong.
So, please no matter what you do
Don’t be afraid of what I’ll say or do.
All you’ll hear and all you’ll feel
Is me saying I love you and it being real.
You are my husband and my very best friend.
You don’t have to hide and you don’t have to pretend.
Be you. Don’t be afraid to let me in on how you think.
I know you’re scared and your stomach starts to sink.
But, I understand a lot more than you think I might.
And regardless of what you say, I’ll be there tonight.
Holding you close and whispering in your ear:
“Husband, I love you, and I’ll be right here.”

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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