Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

United States Of America - Poem by Justin Reamer

'Hello, good sir,
You must be the Traveller
As they call you,
Who was coming into our town
This beautiful afternoon.
I suppose you don't mind
If I talk to you, sir? '

No, not at all. I
Do not mind if you talk
To me in the least bit.
I am the Traveller
You speak of,
For that is what people
Call me,
Especially chaps like you,
My fine good friend.
Talk to me any way you like,
For I have nothing to hide,
For I have been many places
In my travels,
And I am not afraid to share.

'Have you been in our town
Before, sir? '

This small town,
The one that is called
No, I have never set foot
In here before,
And I must say that
It is something.

'What do you think
Of Ravannah, sir? '

I think it is actually
Quite wonderful,
Dear boy,
For the people are very friendly,
And the scenery is beautiful.

'Thank you, sir,
I really appreciate that.
How many places have you been? '

I have been to countless places,
Dear boy,
For I have been all over the world,
And I have so much to share.

'Have you been to America before? '

Yes, I have,
Dear boy,
And it is quite an
Interesting place.

'Oh, Mr Traveller, sir,
I wish I could leave Britain
For I have never been anywhere,
Not even America,
Which seems so interesting
In history books
And in literature.'

Well, dear boy,
America is a wonderful
I must say,
There are so many things
About it,
That make it truly unique.

'All right,
Can you tell me
About America, good sir? '

Sure thing,
Dear boy,
Ask anything you like,
And I can tell you anything
You would like to hear.

'Mr Traveller,
What is New York City like?
I've read all about it,
And I don't know what it's like.'

New York City, you say?
Well, that is America's
Largest city,
With buildings
And skyscrapers,
That are bigger than buildings
Over in London,
And it is so noisy,
With all the crowded streets,
And all the people,
And all the cultures,
And languages
And everything else
I must say that there are many
But there are also many cultures,
For the people are all very
Friendly, dear boy,
For they come and greet you
And they are welcoming.
And Central Park is amazing,
And so is the Empire State Building,
As well as the Statue of Liberty,
And Times Square,
And Fifth Avenue,
And everything else there is.
It is magnificent!

'What is the State of New York like,
Mr Traveller? '

New York State is very beautiful,
For it has mountains and forests,
And people who are all very friendly.
I must say that it is a remarkable place,
Especially after going
To the Adirondacks;
Those were very beautiful, indeed.

'Have you ever been to Maine? '

Yes, indeed
I have, dear boy,
I have been
To Maine.

'What is Maine like? '

Maine is a very beautiful place,
Not too many cities,
And many small towns, in fact.
It is a rural area,
With many farms
And many friendly people,
And they all farm with
Crops or with cattle.
The coast is very beautiful,
Especially in the summer,
With the waves crashing against
The shore,
And the beautiful forests
Are also beautiful,
And the sunset is amazing.
I believe the American writer
Stephen King lives there,
And I met him,
And he is fantastic,
For he was so friendly to me,
A foreigner as his fan.

'Interesting, Mr Traveller,
That is very interesting.
Have you been to New Hampshire? '

Yes, I have been to New Hampshire.

'What is it like? '

New Hampshire is a lot like Maine,
Except the territory is smaller,
And it has a few cool cities,
Like Lexington.
It is honestly truly something,
That I can relate to.

'Hmmm...that is very
Good sir;
So, what is Vermont like? '

Vermont is much like Maine, also,
With rural areas,
Friendly people,
And vast, beautiful forests.
However, there is not
A shoreline,
And there is not much there to see.

'Interesting, Mr Traveller,
Very interesting, indeed.
Have you ever been to Massachusetts? '

Yes, indeed,
I have been to

'What is it like? '

What is it like, you ask?
Well, it is a
Very beautiful place.
It has many hills
From the Appalachian Mountains,
And many cities
Such as Boston,
And Worcester,
And Handover,
As well.
The people are very friendly
There, also,
And I must say it is magnificent,
As far as the view of the ocean.

'Mr Traveller, you
Seem to have been everywhere.
Can you tell me about the
Rest of the United States? '

Yes, sure thing,
Dear boy.
I will tell you
About all 50 states,
If you really want me to.

'Yes, please! I would
Love to hear about them! '

All right,
Here goes,
And I will tell
You about my travels.

Rhode Island is
A very small state,
You can drive right through it
In 15 minutes
And never even know what hit you,
And it is very hilly there,
With many of the Appalachians
Protruding this way and that.

Delaware is a small state, too,
But not as hilly
As Rhode Island,
And the people are friendly there,
As well,
And everyone loves it there.

Connecticut is
A friendly state
With many people
And it has many forests,
That is there,
And is a very nice place.

New Jersey is
Known for the
Show 'Jersey Shore'
Where people act
On reality TV,
But the people there
Are nothing like
Those on that stupid
TV show
With Snookie and her gang,
For New Jersey has forests,
And cities like Newark,
And is known for the backside
Of the Statue of Liberty.

Pennsylvania is a place
With many mountains
And many forests
With small towns scattered
All over the place.
The people there are friendly,
And a major business is
The coal mines.
They are truly something over there,
I will let you know.

Virginia is one
Of the oldest States
In the United States
Of America.
It was first founded
By Sir Walter Raleigh,
When he founded
Virginia was a proud
For it was home
to Thomas Jefferson,
And it was a slave state,
But today, it has no slaves,
And it has many rural areas
As well as its share of urban areas,
Such as Jamestown itself.

Maryland was
The first Catholic
And it also used
To be a slave state,
But it is not a slave state
It has beautiful beaches,
And beautiful forests,
And a good share of farmland,
And the people are friendly,
And the cities are big,
With cities as big
As Baltimore.

Washington, D.C.,
Is truly something unique,
For it is a capital
Within the District of Columbia,
And is the most fascinating
Piece of land in America.
It has the governmental area,
With Congress,
The White House,
The Supreme Court,
And also many monuments,
And the Smithsonian Institution.
It is very beautiful,
And the people are very
Friendly there,
No matter where you're from,
Or who you are,
They are very nice to you.

North Carolina is
A very pretty place,
With forests,
And farmland,
And a few swamps.
This is the place where you
Begin to hear those
Americans with
Southern accents.
You will be able to hear
Them say things
That are different from the
Traditional American accent
That you would expect.
They are truly something,
I will tell you that.

South Carolina
Is very beautiful, too,
For it has the same features
As North Carolina,
But it has Myrtle Beach,
A very beautiful beach,
That is great for watching the sunset
And enjoying one's time in
The ocean blue.

Arkansas is
Also rather beautiful,
Even though it is
Rather dry,
It is famous for its farmland,
And I must admit
That the people there
Are just like those
Who are described in
Samuel Clemens'
(Or if you know
Him by Mark Twain)
Novel 'Huck Finn.'
They are pretty lazy,
And laid-back, too;
It just cracks me up to see
Them snoozing in their rocking chairs.

Alabama is also
Rather something,
For it is the home
Of Birmingham,
Dear boy!
That is the place
Where the riots took
Place in the South
During the 1960s.
Yet, it is a lot better
Off than what it once was,
For it is peaceful now,
And the people are friendlier
Than they ever were before.

Louisiana was
A French colony
Once upon a time,
But then Jefferson
Purchased it,
And it became the state
It is today.
It is the home of
New Orleans,
Where the Jazz Music
And it is the home
Of Cajun food,
And the home of the Creoles,
A truly interesting culture,
If you ask me dear boy,
And the Mississippi runs
Straight through it,
And it's absolutely marvelous.

Mississippi is also interesting,
For there is a beautiful shoreline,
And Biloxi
Is truly something,
From what I hear.
I must say it is fascinating,
Dear boy,
To see Mississippi,
Where many people have lived,
And I would go there again,
If I could,
Just to see it.

Georgia is fascinating, too,
If I must say so,
With Atlanta at its core,
It is a great state to live in,
Dear boy.

Florida is also fascinating,
With big cities such as
Miami and Tallahassee,
And St. Augustine,
And much more,
'Tis the home of the Everglades,
And Biscayne National Park,
And it has a beautiful shoreline,
And is home to Disney World,
Some crazy American theme park,
And is also the home to the Florida Keys.
The Keys are the best part,
For they are so beautiful,
I would love to visit them again,
If I ever could.

I must say that Ohio
Is truly something,
For it is known for the Buckeye tree,
And is home to one
Of the Biggest Universities,
Which is the
Ohio State University,
Which holds the most people
Of all time;
Though it is not better than
Harvard, one of the best
American schools,
And it certainly
Does not compare to our schools,
Oxford and Cambridge.
It has many cities,
Including Cleveland
And Cincinnati,
And has a Six Flags
Theme Park,
As well,
But is also home
To Rock-and-Roll,
If you know what that is,
My dear friend.
Ohio is truly something,
And I might go back there
Again, just for the hell of it,
Dear boy,
For it fascinates me.

Illinois is also something,
For it has a large city,
Named Chicago,
Which is so beautiful when
You see it,
For it is nothing like
New York City,
But it is so beautiful,
Definitely in its own right,
Especially with all its suburbs
And landscaping
And the colleges,
Such as Loyola,
And Northwestern,
It is truly something.

Kentucky is also something,
For it is home to Mammoth Caves,
Which holds a ton of wildlife,
Such as bats,
And snakes,
And blind fish,
And also many crystals from
Every sort of mineral imaginable,
Dear boy,
For it is remarkable.

Missouri is quite beautiful,
Especially with it
Being the home of St. Louis,
And the grand Mississippi,
For it is truly remarkable,
For Mark Twain lived there,
And did remarkably well,
As a journalist and a boatman,
For he was America's Dickens.

Iowa is kind of bland,
For it is filled with corn,
Although the people are very nice,
All I could ever see were rows and rows of corn.
They never stop,
And I mean, Infinite,
Dear boy,
So infinite as far as the eye could see,
It would probably drive you mad.

Nebraska is no different,
Being that corn state, too,
Oh, if there were only something
Different that could
Make that state stand out,
For I would never return there,
Dear boy.

Kansas is so flat,
For it is flatter than
A pancake,
For there are no hills,
And there are no mountains,
And nothing but wheat,
And corn,
And much farmland
To be considered.
However, the people are very kind,
That I would go up and visit
For they have some of the
Best attitudes in the world.

Minnesota is something,
Dear boy,
For it is home
To Mall of America,
Which is the Americans'
Shopping Centre,
For they go there just
To spend there money
And do nothing else at all,
Although Minneapolis is remarkable,
For it has a lot to do,
And there is so much to see
That it is very
Interesting, indeed.

Indiana is interesting,
As well,
For it is kind of
Like Ohio,
But different in its own way,
For it has its share of rural areas,
And its share of urban areas,
Such as the awful Gary
With its awful rancid smell,
And Indianapolis,
Which has a nicer area,
And a much nicer smell.
It is truly something, too.

Tennessee is quite something, as well,
For it is the home of Nashville,
Which was where country music
And is the capital of the world,
And also is where Memphis exists,
One of the highest standing poverty
Rates in that country.
Tennessee is truly something, too.

Oklahoma is something, too,
For it is all desert,
But has very friendly people;
It has many ranchers,
Who smile at you and wave,
And love you no matter what.

Texas is probably
The most interesting
Out of the Continental US,
For it has many beautiful
Southern bells,
Many friendly people,
Ranchers who love to say halloa,
People who strike oil every day,
And pioneers who love
To become entrepreneurs.
The people are very friendly,
And the cowboys love to sing,
And the citizens hold onto their
Good old heritage.
It's a great thing to see.

North Dakota is very beautiful,
With the Rocky Mountains
Running through them,
For they are something,
I must say,
For what they are worth.

South Dakota is
The home of Mt. Rushmore,
The monument
With all the president's
Faces carved into rock,
Including George Washington,
Abe Lincoln,
Thomas Jefferson,
And Teddy Roosevelt,
And also the home of the Badlands,
For it is something,
That national park,
Where there is practically nothing there,
But there is also the buffalo,
Which South Dakota is known for,
And which we know today.

Colorado is
Truly something,
For the whole state
Is made of mountains
And valleys,
And it is absolutely beautiful,
For Denver is a great place to
See the view of the mountains,
And a great place to ski
And snowboard in the winter.
It's a place where Sean White
Would practise all the time
If he could.
I must say that it is beautiful.

Utah is
The home of the Mormons,
Where there is the Great Salt Lake,
And Salt Lake City,
Which is the Mormons'
And I must say they are
Very friendly,
Especially when they talk
About Jesus Christ,
The man who saved us of our sins.
In today's society we don't talk about God,
But the Mormons are not afraid
Of talking about Him,
And they're so friendly,
Dear boy,
That they invited me to dinner with them,
And I would go back there any time again,
If I could.

Montana is absolutely gorgeous,
With all the mountains in the area,
For it is the home of Glacier
National Park,
The beautiful place with all the mountains
In it,
The place is so breathtaking,
I would love to see it again,
Just once, if I could.

Wyoming and Yellowstone,
Those are two very great places,
For the geysers are so beautiful,
And the hot springs so impressive,
And everything is just great.
I would go back there again,
Dear boy,
And see Old Faithful
One more time.

New Mexico may
Be all desert,
But up in the Rocky Mountains,
There is so much vegetation
That it is unimaginable,
For it is the greatest thing there is.
I would say you have to go there,
Anytime you can.

Arizona is desert,
Yes that is true,
For it is known for the Grand Canyon,
Which is truly a magnificent sight,
And I must say that you would love it,
That glorious behemoth,
You would love the beauty it has
And everything your eye
Cannot see, dear boy.

Nevada is not much,
And there is not much there,
Reno is kind of
And I must
Say that Las Vegas
Is the dumbest place
In the world,
Even dumber
Than Liverpoole
Here, dear boy.
Las Vegas has
Every vermin and
Every scoundrel crawling
There that you can possibly
They are what Dickens would
Call filthy, impertinent,
Human beings.
Vegas has prostitutes,
A high crime rate,
Awful casinos,
People who gamble
All the time,
Casinos crawling
With bookies,
Streets crawling with
Loan sharks of every sort,
Whores on every streetcorner,
Accompanied by their pimps,
And bars filled with
Every alcoholic you can think of,
And strippers in every bar or
Restaurant imaginable.
You can even get married
To an unclean wench
If you wanted to,
And, by Jove,
Did I hate that place!
I would never go back
To Vegas
Or Nevada ever again.

Washington State,
On the other hand,
Is a very beautiful place,
For it has the beautiful coast,
Beautiful forests
That are much like Maine,
And beautiful Seattle,
And I would go there
To hear the whales sing,
If I could,
Dear boy,
For it is one of the
Best states there.

Oregon is also beautiful,
With Portland,
And beautiful forests,
And a fantastic shoreline.
The people there are friendly,
And the peaches are delicious,
For that is what it is famous for,
Those delicious peaches.
I would go back again,
If I could,
And I probably will,
For you should come and visit,
Dear boy,
And see it for yourself.

California is something,
Since it is on the Sunbelt,
It has big cities,
Such as San Francisco,
San Jose,
And Los Angeles.
The beaches are beautiful,
But the people in
The big cities are
A little stuck up,
But the people in
The rural areas
Are very kind indeed.
There are beautiful forests,
And there is also
Lots of desert,
If I may add.
It is a big state,
And you would like it,
Depending on what
You like to see.

Alaska is
Truly beautiful,
For it has everything there,
And it is quite something,
For there are barely people there.
There is a lot of wilderness,
If you want to be like
Jack London,
You can explore the Wilderness,
Climb Mt. McKinley,
And mingle with the wildlife.
I liked it quite a lot,
For I could think to myself,
And I loved it,
So maybe you will, too.

Hawaii is like a vacation spot,
Where you will probably enjoy yourself,
For the people
Are warm and friendly,
And the environment is so warm.
There are palm trees,
Nice beaches,
And plenty of wildlife;
And there are the dolphins
You can swim with
That will brighten up your day.
You would probably like it,
Dear boy,
If you had to
Get away,
And I am sure
You probably do
Just to relax
The day and night

And, there is Michigan,
Which is truly something,
For it is so beautiful,
It might be the best of the states,
For it has Lake Michigan,
Lake Huron,
Lake Eerie,
Lake Superior,
And whatever else,
And has the most beautiful forests
In the world.
Sleeping Bear Dunes is
A beautiful national park,
As well as Isle Royale.
I loved the wilderness,
And the independence I had there,
Dear boy,
For it was truly something.
I also love the Michiganders,
For they are all so friendly,
For it does not matter
If they are city slickers
Or country bumpkins,
Or liberal
Or conservative
It does not matter,
Since they are nice people,
And I would definitely
Go back there again,
And I will,
When the time is right.

'Wow, Mr Traveller,
You really have been everywhere,
And you have so many stories! '

Yes, I guess I do,
But I have enjoyed my travels.

'That's still cool.'

Look, dear boy,
May I ask you something?

'Sure; anything.'

I have been many places,
And I have seen the world,
But travelling is of no use to me now,
Unless I take someone else.
So, dear boy,
Would you like to travel
With me and see the world?

'Yes, I would love to,
Mr Traveller,
I would love to! '

Good, then I'll take you
With me,
And we'll leave Britain tomorrow.

'Only one request, sir.'

Yes, dear boy? What
Is your one request?

'May we go to America first? '

Well, since you seem so amazed by it,
We will go to America first,
Dear boy.
So, would that make you happy.

'Indeed! I would
Love to see America! '

Good to know,
Old chap.
Then your adventures
Begin hereon out.
Off to America we go!

'Yes, Thank you, good sir.
Thank you so much.'

You're welcome dear boy,
But remember one thing.

'Yes, Mr Traveller? '

To thine ownself, be true.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is just a poem I wanted to write about my country. I think it is pretty cool, and you are welcome to comment and vote on it. I hope you enjoy it.

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