War Is Failure. Poem by Adrian Wait

War Is Failure.

A Seed of War originates in Fear
Fear is ignorance
Ignorance is the lack of Wisdom
Wisdom is in knowing you know nothing
Knowledge without wisdom is dangerous
Wisdom not Knowledge is Power,
Power is to be able, and willing
To influence the behaviour of others
Others is used to refer to a person that is different
Different is not the same as another
Another refers to an additional person
Person, a human being regarded as an individual
Individual, as distinct from a group, a single human being
Human being, a man, woman,
Or child of the species Homo sapiens,
The primate species to which modern humans belong
Belong, be a member of a group, Family, Community,
Nation, Hemisphere, Planet, together
Together, in proximity to another person, people or with
With accompanied by another person, not alone
Alone, having no one else present; on one's own
Own, used with a possessive to emphasize that someone
or something belongs or relates to us
Us, used to refer to several people or ourselves
Ourselves. Only ourselves, our lips, our ears…
By failing to listen we shall ensure we remain unheard
Being wise in our own eyes, the fall begins again
Mistaking knowledge for wisdom will breed fear
Fear a seed of War; war is a Failure to listen
To our better angels, our conscience, our Father…
All else is distraction and noise
And the rest is silence…

A.R. Wait

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