Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

What Makes You Beautiful - Poem by Justin Reamer

You are special in every way,
And you know it,
For you can do anything,
And you are great.

I am not going to sing
A One Direction song for you,
(For I know you would hate that) ,
I want to let you know what makes you beautiful.

You are truly special,
For when you smile,
Your smile is so contagious;
When you are in a good mood,
Your mirth is inspiring,
And it is an epidemic in the room,
For your mirth is what makes everyone
Smile when they see you,
Including me,
Especially when you gambol with
Your little cousins,
And display a much different lexicon
With them,
As I do with any little kid
I play with,
For they are bundles of fun.

Yet, you are beautiful,
For you are a lark,
Rather than a dove,
As Victor Hugo said
Of Cosette in his work,
'Les Miserables, '
For you are bold,
And you take on the world,
And whereas I am an introvert,
For I am a writer,
A poet, an essayist,
A novelist,
And an artist with many talents,
And where artists are naturally timid,
You blossom with your beauty,
And you are bold,
And you seek the world about you,
And you extroverted,
The outgoing extrovert,
That seizes every opportunity it gets.
I am Marius,
The Introvert,
And you are Cosette,
The Extrovert,
The Lark,
At which Hugo calls you.

Yet, you are
Artistic as well,
For you can create so many things
Out of any medium,
For you are beautiful in that way, too,
For you see the world as I do,
And you know what to make of it,
And you know what you want out of life,
For you are strong
And courageous,
And I want you to know that
I care about you,
No matter what,
For if things falter in any way,
I will be there for you,
Yet what makes you beautiful
Is your ability to shine,
For you are neither diffident
Nor vapid nor foolish,
And never hold anything in
Blithe disregard,
Nor do you live in blissful ignorance,
But you are a realist by nature,
Self-confident and virtuous,
A woman of true candour,
Observant and assertive,
Erudite in every way,
And special to what I see,
For you are beautiful in my eyes.

The way you present yourself,
The way you interact with other people,
The way you dress and act,
The way you speak,
The way you look,
The way you love and laugh,
And the way you always remain happy,
That's what makes you beautiful,
For you are special to me.

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