When Souls Speak - Poem by RAJ VIKRAM

When souls speak
the words never matter
no ideas need be shared
A breeze may pass through
the infinitesimal empty space
between them.
The breeze may care
and feel elated at having
disturbed the words or
silence that floated between
the two souls that drinks
the nectar of stillness.

A tempest may blow
but can the harmony
go flying with it
When they speak
even vacuum is a medium
They may have tales
to narrate and verses
galore to share.
Or they may grasp for
words as silence
holds them in thrall.

Soulless folks gather around
roam around or even
pass slyly between them
But when the two souls
find their rhythm
and mellifluous symphony
what cacophony can do
Who but them can see
the flowering of togetherness

When two souls speak
what has bodies bereft of
souls got to do
Only the souls know
what transpires between them
It is their territory
Why become an apology
of oneself by grinding
one's way into their midst.
They don't want your
platitudes even a wee bit
They speak a different language,
uninteiilgible to you
Let them be just let them be
Let them be still forever.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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