Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Who? - Poem by Justin Reamer

I guess I have
Some questions that
I have that are
And I guess I will
Write them down
To the best of my ability.
So, here they are,
If you wish to see
Them and give
For I do not know
And I need some help,
But I might be
Able to get some answers
Today sometime.

Who is Charles Darwin?
Who invented evolution?
Who is my father?
Who was Muhammad?
Who wrote the most books?
Who wrote the most novels?
Who started science?
Who was the first philosopher?
Who was George Washington?
Who was the first president?
Who was the first pope?
Who was the first African-American president?
Who is the most famous African-American athlete?
Who is Plato?
Who is Isaac Newton?
Who is your mother?
Who is your girlfriend?
Who is your friend over there?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Who is the man looking into my bedroom window?
Who is that guy staring at me?
Who is that girl staring at me?
Who wrote David Copperfield?
Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?
Who is Jane Austen?
Who is Charles Dickens?
Who is Leo Tolstoy?
Who is Fyodor Dostoevsky?
Who is the leader of France?
Who is the leader of England?
Who is the British Queen?
Who was the first monarch of England?
Who was Julius Caesar?
Who is William Shakespeare?
Who is John Smith?
Who was Pocahontas?
Who was Mahatma Ghandi?
Who was Abraham?
Who was Moses?
Who was the founder of Hinduism?
Who was Confucius?
Who was Laozi?
Who was Siddhartha Gautama?
Who was the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire?
Who was Maximillien Robespierre?
Who was Thomas Jefferson?
Who is Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Who is Dr Joe Martin?
Who was Sacajawea?
Who was Pontiac?
Who were Lewis and Clark?
Who was Roger Williams?
Who is my mother?
Who is my father?
Who are members of my family?
Who invented the telephone?
Who invented the car?
Who invented the TV?
Who invented the computer?
Who invented the laptop?
Who invented the iPod?
Who is Bill Gates?
Who was Steve Jobs?
Who was Ben Franklin?
Who was Thomas Edison?
Who was Copernicus?
Who was Sophocles?
Who was Socrates?
Who is William Shakespeare?
Who is Sylvester Stallone?
Who is Clint Eastwood?
Who is Anne Hathaway?
Who is Jessica Simpson?
Who is Jessie J?
Who the hell is Tinie Tempah,
And who the hell has a name like that?
Who is Tao Cruz?
Who the heck is Lil Wayne?
Who is this Lady Gaga weirdo?
Who invented the safety pin?
Who was Henry Ford?
Who was Andrew Carnegie?
Who was John D. Rockefeller?
Who was J.P. Morgan?
Who was Lucy Burns?
Who was Frederick Douglass?
Who was Harriet Tubman?
Who was the first black Supreme Court Justice?
Who was Constantine?
Who was Genghis Khan?
Who was Kublai Khan?
Who was Ivan the Terrible?
Who was Josef Stalin?
Who were the Communist Party?
Who is the first man in history?
Who were the Incas?
Who were the Mayans?
Who were the Aztecs?
Who is God?
Who is Jesus Christ?
Who is Alexandre Dumas?
Who is Jules Verne?
Who is H.G. Wells?
Who is Victor Hugo?
Who is John Milton?
Who is Michael Jackson?
Who is Madonna?
Who is John Lennon?
Who were the Beatles?
Who were the Stones?
Who is Keith Richards?
Who is Mick Jagger?
Who is Led Zeppelin?
Who is Jimmy Paige?
Who is Shay Stewart?
Who is Rose Pankiewicz?
Who is Lindsay Hoffman?
Who is Peter Triezenberg?
Who is Sean Riemersma?
Who is Michael Bowen?
Who is Lord Maximillien Norton?
Who is Lord Byron?
Who is Peter Jennings?
Who is Charles Baudelaire?
Who is Robert Frost?
Who is Emily Dickinson?
Who is E.E. Cummings?
Who is Edgar Allan Poe?
Who is Stephen King?
And who discovered biology?

Those are many
Questions, and I realise
This, but I could
Possibly get them
Answered at another
So I will get my answers
Eventually, and I know
I will be happy.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is just a poem that is meant to be fun. These are questions I would have asked in elementary school, so I just wrote this to reminisce the past. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment and vote.

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