Why Currents Gods Are Creating Men Who Are Women Vis-À-Vis Poem by alexander opicho

Why Currents Gods Are Creating Men Who Are Women Vis-À-Vis

Hey over there you gods of the earth and other planets
Your creature like I, a human mold suffices knowledge not,
As you mightly rove all over the sphere and share domains amongtst thyself
To reign over the whitenes, Jewry, negritude, sinotude plus yakeetude of mankind,
Enjoying your ethereally eyeview onto the earth at your creations,
Permit me to shoot up a guestion to you over there in your deitly realm
Be you jehova of the jews or amadioha of the igbos, god of the english or anything dogmatic,
What happened to your clay mud and tools pertinent in trade of human sexual creation,
So that you of late on umpteenth scale have created men who are women
And beautiful women who are aggressive mefolk and then ubuguitous earthwise?
What has gone heywire with your human architecture, when sex organs and feelings
Are center stage beckoning for their traditional orientation?
Is homoeroticality your new creation technology ?
Or it is man recreating himself?
Don’t you have enough clay?
If material matters do you honourable deities
Come to Africa, chief Mugabe bob will guide you to copper-belts
Of chimurenga fields were clay is beyond any control,
In such quests you will go back to goldenly old
Human sexual creation topography
That will glorify your deitiness
In the old manner of hetereoeroticality.

Gajanan Mishra 21 May 2014

good writing, thanks, I like it.

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