Augustus Gatlin

Why For The Right Reasons - Poem by Augustus Gatlin

Why did you leave?
I ask why but receive no answer.
What was all the wrong reasons you left, because when you did you left a boy lonely and confused fending on only what he had, and what he has left; struggling to find himself.

So I ask again, but still no answer, for why would you leave when I needed you the most. Perhaps it was for selfish reasons, but choosing life or death we must consider which is easiest; because honestly many of us would have chosen the same. Death is easy, there is no more pain, no more hard-ache, no more troubles; Life is hard, filled with stress, head-aches on a day to day basis, its no wonder people sometimes are pushed... to the edge.

But this is not about other people, this is about you; for you taught me the dangers of the world but not all went threw. So I will ask you for a final time why did you leave? , you didn't just leave the world you left someone who needed you; ... who still does.

But because of what you taught me I hold no grudge against you, I love you, always have, always will. So now that you've been gone of course I've struggled, I've missed you, and because you left, I'm here fending for myself; lasting only so long before I'm forced to give in. But since you taught me of Him, I feel that I can last a lifetime; one of life, one with family with my sisters and brother, one due to the thanks of my wonderful mother; because what I now realize is that you never left for the wrong reasons, but because of all the right ones.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 18, 2012

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