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Why U Not Happy For Me? - Poem by LOUIS SHEFFIELD

There this pain in me.
Pain that nobody can't see.
pain only i can feel.
Not even my friends say
hey are u ok?
Friends did i say?
No there not friends
They smile in my face
Then you walk away
then they stab u in your back
And yes that is an true fact.
I say i have enough of this
All i try to do is my best
Then you took an knife and stab me in my chest.
God is blessing me more and more
And all u could say is while get out my door.
As i sit there on the floor
U say we not friends no more.
If we are seving the same God
Why are u hating me?
Why is it because i now have responablites.
God bless me with this
And no matter what u say
U are still my friend.

Louis sheffield
Panda bear 22.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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