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Why Wont This Die? - Poem by kayla mcmillin

I'm over this.
Why can't we be together?
I need to embrace this.
Blinded for so long.
Taking off the mask...
At last I see,
You fear them finding.
Always hiding.
Take my hand now,
Be alive.
Ill show you how you
Brighten my life.

In this new world,
Your all that seems to matter.
You put back together all that i shattered.
As you rip off what you mended
Leaving a mark
From the hand of a killer.

I listened to the words he said,
But knew they were lies deep within my head.
Now he leaves my insides cold and grey,
Shall i have nothing left but to prey?

I turned away
To find my foot prints of a time
When i should have runaway,
But i found myself to stay.

You dont even know how far this is gone,
And yet i cant discribe what i know is wrong.

I flew too high and
Burnt my wing.
My tear drops on the fire,
But the flame grows higher.

You close the doors of all we could have done
And all we could have been.
To reopen the doors that never fully closed
And knowing exactly where they'll take you.

In my heart youll never leave me,
Will you please come back and
Complete me?

Your not my savior,
But i still dont go.
You abuse the fact of
I can never say no.

Wanting, waiting,
For what i can only miss.
Needing, hoping,
Left without that kiss.

I see me hurt in your eyes,
Not such a surprise.
Only mad at myself for eating the lies.
Touching you makes me feel so alive.
Touching you makes me die inside.
I feel no hope in what you decide,
And now im only left to the side.

This feels like something that ive been seen before.
I could fake it but i still want more.

I left so many others,
But i could never leave you.
And im scared to admit that
I Love You.

You will forever stay remained,
As i am forever gunna be stained.

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