Major Elazia

Winds Of Time - Poem by Major Elazia

I watch the pain of Mother Nature's agony

Her bowels soiled, ruptured and fractured across her surface

Mother Nature lives towards her ultimate end of time.

The industrial sooth does her smooth destruction

Delivering mortal blows to her normal intent and capacity to carry life,

Dear Mother Nature, hasten not your death in this shallowness of men

For they shall all perish in your untimely demise.

The winds of time that you blow in the atmosphere,

Point a spear of a black hope from the ill you get from men

They who blemish the waters of the rivers, the oceans and the lakes

Take no zeal and zest to correct the mistakes of a poison,

A venom that only man discharges from his machines of industrial progress

Mankind, poor planet, shall not wither alone

The kingdom of the plants and the realm of the animals

Have no tomorrow because man cares not about future existence

Day by day men despise others who dwell on the planet,

Pushing them beyond the frontiers to extinction

Unheeding to the cries of the forgotten kingdom

The tigers and rhinos are written in potential obituaries

Some birds in the sky soar high to their horizon end

Man has denied them hope of tomorrow

Oh Mother Nature, aren't you for all to live in peace

To enjoy your patronage to continuous existence?

Mother Nature is slowly becoming frail,

Frail, a time shall come when men shall wish...

Desperately wish to reverse the hands of time

The dry winds of the deserts is what man has secured

The dry winds of a time,

Is the inheritance of future descendants

Who will never know the good tidings that come with the winds of a time

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poem Edited: Saturday, June 30, 2012

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