Wise In Your Own Eyes Poem by Adrian Wait

Wise In Your Own Eyes

Rating: 4.5

Wise in your own eyes, blind to others
I see through you, I watch the dance
Counterfeit your words never engage
Struggling to listen except to yourself
Truth a stranger to your heart
Sinking deeper within Hades cage
Playing out in feign correctness, lies
Uniform expression the trained response
Words cradled hidden in bear traps
Crossing the border with ease, no style
Merging objectivity with indifference
Technique, methodology, web of lies
Process, Procedure, predicted, produced
Reduced to vain spent journey
Disinterested conformity never transforms
Retreating to your twin towers
Assumption and Lipservice
Steel cold chains worn with pride
The path set, rehearsed, tiresome
Intimidation through stilted silence
Safe in the company of the disengaged
Cloned in dull disinterest you chatter
So proud of the mantra spun
Filling the air with inane words
Rehearsed tools of mute deception linger
Misnamed mediation the direct lie
Coiled desperation to steady the boat
Clicking pen, papers shuffle, smiles forced
Question half uttered and withdrawn
Forced tone of perverse naturalness
Suppressed glance begins the show
Feigned concern for all so obvious
Fearing stillness that light reveals
To suggest haste and belittle
Half-eaten reminder of appointments
Seep and fall from deceiving tongue
Ticking clock adds to tensions pace
Pauses reveal emperors nakedness
Threaten discomfort of patterned lies
It’s a game, a game, a bleady game
Restricting worship to status alone
Dreary dull black eyes vacant
As a Monday morning church
Dead, empty, without soul
Severed from the saddening crowd
Lost in chosen meaninglessness
Desert wind of self-eroding fixation
Conformity hides behind equality
Political correctness drowns, evades
Play up, conform or leave the stage
Challenge and you will be excluded
Labelled, categorised, dismissed
Equal opportunity to feign interest
Usurping creative development
In tiresome rapidity you puke lipservice
Words rehearsed, pale in all but blandness
Superficial, soulless, banality secured
The living dead from the neck up
Correctness cloaks bastardised politeness
Aware of words born of escapism
Masked with smile to feign interest
Words ill-used, targeted to disarm, belittle
Feigned affection delivered in banal spite
Point-scoring to distance conscience
Excused, tranquil in elevated bigotry
Mind control masked in liberal fascism
Freedom is not to be like you
Wise in your own eyes
The Telegram read…
Truth is. Verdict reached. Trial begins.

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