Somia Race

Rookie (27 september / Pakistan)

Wounds Of Love! ! - Poem by Somia Race

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EditWounds of Love! by Somi Jalfrezi on Friday, August 27,2010 at 12: 29am
Wounds of love
Not he@ling
U r @round
But missing
every single thing in j@il
Me gone broken
Pissing myself
On every sm@ller
bit of sickness
In search of freedom
Might kill myself
But u overcoming
Everythngs bitter
Lockd mysteric@lly
CAught up in pitbull
Never thot to b so lonely
Lust of being around u
Killing me
I'm in deep love songs
U got to come
Or I kill mine
@lthough Not so easy widout u
Love u love u
LoveA esc@ping from pitbull
But ur love gr@sps me b@ck
Give me few sp@rks
Sp@rks of ur love
Where I c@tch som rythm
My te@rs flowing like storm
W@shing me ins@ne
Ins@ne in no direction
I'm gon@ cr@zy
Love kills slowly
But u r f@st slow poison
Killing me blindly
@lthough u being in touch
Ur litle things bring big joy
Joy to my love
But ins@ne until u b mine
Crunching n twisting
Bored n stuck
Pissed n crunched
Where to go
No door visible in j@il
Smoking cigrets
Bring me to life
Fed up with ch@nnels
R@dio songs bring @ memory
Hosts p@ss by
Birds miss @ dive
Sky turns bl@ck
W@ves miss ur rythm
Rocks turn into oce@n side by side
Come by me
I w@n@ h @v p@in of love
Where I c@nt h@v u @round
Missed cr@ck boogie woogie
U bring joy @fter te@rs
U turn @ll miseries to betterness
Y so f@r
Love u @li h@ndro
Wounds of love

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 27, 2010

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