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Written In Red! - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

Pages of history of man kind
Are written red,

Those who thought their blood,
As blue as sky or as blue as deep ocean,
Wrote the pages in Red and every page is full of bloodshed!

Hungry people weep for even glass of water,
And even for that they had blood to shed,

Innocent plants or innocent grass die,
When two elephants fight for supremacy!
They never care how many innocent may die!

Great heroes are made on the number of men they despatch to hell,
Saying patriots have heaven in their fight!

They are heroes like matadors at the cost of blood of an innocent bull!
Otherwise they are as you and me except that cruelty,

Men the made several men to shed blood, in the name of woman,
May it be sita, may it be Padmini
Or may be Helen of Troy,

All men were treated like toys
By a that a few mad boys,
To have their woman back,
Or defend their action,

All religions have their history written in red,
May it be books that are from God,
Stained with red, God signed it with blood,
Put the rubber stamp of quality with bone and flesh,

Every nation is having its own fountain of blood shed!
power hungry need only to shed crocodile tears,

Or just present awards and reward,
Those who safeguard
and died to save them!

May it be Ashoka, may it be Idi Ameen
or may be Churchil, or may be Gandhi,
Or may Lincoln or Changez Khan
Only they were famous due blood shed!

May it be history of continent or that sub continent
Only a story written in blood, On human skin and with bones as pens!
May it be any ' -ism ' or may
Politics in spain or Britain,

Equally dangerous are these..
Power or woman,
Ambition or nation,
Whether terrorist or counter terrorist venture

Police or politician,
Every history of massive wealth,
Or a piece of land
Religion or culture, blood is That red ink with pages of history is written only in red!

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