Stacey LeGrange

Yeah! For Corndogs. - Poem by Stacey LeGrange

Yay! The state fair. Woo Hoo! The state fair.
Time for corndogs and mullets and lot’s of cool hair.
Plus, incense and demos of fishing with lures.
There's rides, karaoke and $4.50 beers!

Well, let’s not forget all the games where you shoot,
and win a stuffed prize. “Ohhhh, there’s chocolated fruit! ”
And fried vegetables, but you gotta be wealthy
‘cause that’s probably the closest to you eating healthy.

‘Cause look round the corner, and all you will see
are lemonade stands, really hope it’s not pee!
Plus, gyros and turkey and cinnamon rolls,
cheese on a stick taffy and sweet doughnut holes,


And look to the left of the lady who’s moleish.
You can get sausage, Italian or Polish!
Cotton candy or Indian tacos you’ll pick.
There’s funnel cake, corn. What, pizza on sticks!

There’s two kinds of ostrich, alive and then dead.
The ones that are standing, some in-between bread.
But, now if you’re full teeth are tired of mowing,
I’ll shut up about food, or I can keep going.

No, I’ll stop and go on, different cat-e-gory.
People watching, well hell! There’s another story.
‘Member paying cold cash to stare at crazies,
drug addicts and fatties or bearded ladies.

Six foot men eating chicken but finally we see.
Take a good look around you. They’re standing there... free!
So the freaks have been seen, the food has been tasted,
pass by O’Brien’s, there’s a dude singing, wasted.

Keep walking the midway is right up ahead,
head down, watch your step or you might end up dead.
Now get on a ride, shakes the crap out of you,
now get off really fast, cause you’ll have to spew.

Out comes greasy food, which looks really chunky.
It once smelled so good, now it smells really funky.
And as you pick yourself up from that small patch of grass,
you think to yourself, “Dang! The fair sure kicks ass!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Oklahoma State Fair.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 26, 2013

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