You Poem by Richard Dorrough


You told me to love you
And I will forever
You told me to never leave you
And I never will

You told me to hold you in my arms
And I do in my dreams
You told me you loved me
And it is the reason I live

You told me to need you
And my need is so strong
You told me to touch you
And my hands began to shake

You told me to protect you
And I will until I die
You told me to want you
And I do with every breath

You gave to me children
And I will never forget
You gave to me life
And I can never repay

You gave to me hope
And my life was complete
You gave to me happiness
And I gave it away

You gave yourself completely
And I did not give back
You gave me the world
And I turned the other way

You gave me chances
And I was a fool
You gave me all your love
And I lost it

You told me to beware
And I laughed
You told me you would leave
And I said go ahead

You told me I was wrong
And I did not see it
You told me goodbye
And you were gone

And I think of you always
You told me I would
And I miss you so badly
You told me I should

And I am so lost without you
You told me you know
And Ill never ever forget
You told me to go

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