You Don't Seem To Get It Poem by Lindy Jean Kleinhans

You Don't Seem To Get It


You don't seem to get it
You don't seem to dare
To make the change
In the abyss you stare

Stay there if you must
For I must proceed
Dismal attempts
I will concede

Its not a game
Your not playing fair
Avoidance won't change it
My heart's been laid bare

We've started something
This much is true
So either we finish it,
Or I'm done with you.

I'm nobody's sideline
And breadcrumbs wont do
So either you want me
Or to hell with you

I have NOTHING of you
I ask for none
Just glimmers of time spent
I'm fucking done

How can I love you so fiercely?
When I can count on one hand,
The time that we get,
I don't understand?

Some days my heart's so full
And other days a black hole
Where do I fit in?
What is the goal?

I wish I knew what's going on in your head
You, effortlessly quiet - and put it to bed
I worry, I wonder, -you give JUST enough
To keep my heart happy, retreating is tough

And when I fall,
I fall so hard
I should never have loved you
from the start

5 Min to work
Some Coffee kisses
1 Hour at my place
How are you serious?

I'll always just be a secret to you
That terrible thing you hide or that you do
I am but an option in your double lived life
The thrill of the chase, can cut like a knife

The thrill of the hunt and the chase
Funny, I've never seen a hunter with so much pace
He takes what he wants and takes what is his
No question about it, it is what it is.

You cannot change that

Comfort will get you no where
And materialistic things are just a snare
Stay where you are
Enjoy it there

Fear is just an excuse
To make your heart feel like stone
But your heart will always wander
To this place that was home

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