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You Show Up And I Still Love U - Poem by Wensday Wood

I see him
Has it been so long?
Since his presence
Has been seen?

My heart skips and
Everything comes back
The memories and my secret love

I rush up to hug him
And I hope he can't
Hear my heat beating out
So loud for all to hear

He is still perfect but
I know he must have a girlfriend
Or have a boo

I still care for him
After all this time
And it isn't fair

I wished for a long time for
Him to come back and
Just see him one last time

I got my wish but these
Years have strength my love
Not decreased as I hope

My love should've ended that
Classic next door girl
Love that somehow works in a way

He so sweet and protecting
And caring would even like me
Like that is a joke

He deserves so much better
And probably likes someone else
Yet I can't tear away from him

It's too late I've grown too
Attached and this is all
My fault I should've never talked

I should've never thought of him
All these years of his disappearance
And he should've forgotten about me

Yet he hasn't which surprises me the most
I want to tell him all these years in
A way I never stopped loving him

I have never stopped thinking of
Him sometimes and where he is
In this big world of ours

For now I just stay around him
Dreaming every night of the
One and only him

I could never confess my love
To him because he would just tell
Me we are friends and I can't handle that

No from someone like him who
My life was practically
Based around him in some way

I hope he never knows how I long to kiss him
Just once or how I wish he could
Hold me even if it just once

Stroking my hair and telling me he loves
Me and then to seal it with a prefect kiss
To show his love

I telling him back how I have always
Loved him and never stopped and
I want to be with him always

I can't ever tell him and I will
Forever stayed lockup while he
Is in love and I cry myself to sleep

Every night because I couldn't tell him
Those plain and simple words
That mean so much

I love you

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 18, 2008

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