Your Dad Did What? Poem by Sophie Hannah

Your Dad Did What?

Rating: 4.3

Where they have been, if they have been away,
or what they've done at home, if they have not -
you make them write about the holiday.
One writes My Dad did. What? Your Dad did what?

That's not a sentence. Never mind the bell.
We stay behind until the work is done.
You count their words (you who can count and spell);
all the assignments are complete bar one

and though this boy seems bright, that one is his.
He says he's finished, doesn't want to add
anything, hands it in just as it is.
No change. My Dad did. What? What did his Dad?

You find the 'E' you gave him as you sort
through reams of what this girl did, what that lad did,
and read the line again, just one 'e' short:
This holiday was horrible. My Dad did.

Cliff Stanford 06 March 2011

I had to read this three times before I understood. It was worth it. You have my 10.

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mildred hubble 05 May 2021

i still dont get it?

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arpad lazar 06 July 2018

lovely poem really interesting

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derick 05 December 2019

beautiful poem really made me cry

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sam 28 January 2022

why didnt the child just say his dad died

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Jay Bam Bam 25 January 2022

this poem make me think about how i went on hoilday and fell over: (

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Jay Bam Bam 25 January 2022

I thought it was about

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sam 25 January 2022

i like this poem

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Name 23 November 2021

For anyone who doesn't understand the poem, the missing 'e' was in 'did', so his dad died in the summer holidays

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the cheesemonger 25 November 2021

thank you so much it was taking me ages to work out what the end bit was trying to say

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