Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Zeus - Poem by Justin Reamer

I am Zeus,
For I am one of the
Greek gods
That lives on
Mt. Olympus.

I am the king of the gods,
For you probably
Know that,
And I am considered a hero
Among the Greeks.
They make a sacrifice to me
Every time the Olympics

You may have heard of
My childhood
When my father,
Tried to eat me alive,
As well as all of my
Which he gobbled down,
But my mother saved me,
For she hid me away
In a cavern,
And she raised me
To become a warrior.

When I came of age,
I fought Kronus
And the rest of the Titans,
And I claimed Mt. Olympus
For the gods,
And I freed my brothers
And my sisters,
And I became king
Of Mt. Olympus.

I cut Kronus up
Into a thousand pieces,
And I threw him into
And he never came back.

I married Hera,
And man,
Is our marriage
So unhappy,
Because she is such
An unhappy woman,
Always bickering
With me about this
Or that,
Or whatever comes to
Her stupid head.
I wish she could do something
Else with her life.

And we had an awful child, too,
Named Ares,
Who is such a spoiled
Little brat,
For all he ever does is throw
Temper tantrums,
And he is good for nothing,
So, yes, I do not like him.

I, along with the other gods,
Created the world
And the things that live on it.
I personally liked the animals,
For they were so cool,
I gave them everything,
For they were my favourite,
And I did not like you humans
At all,
For you were to foul
And imperfect,
I could not stand you guys.

However, Prometheus gave
You guys fire,
And that ticked me off,
So I was angry with him,
And I punished him
And made him suffer.

I must say that I
Do have a thing for human girls,
For they are far more beautiful
Than my wife,
If anything,
And I must say that I have had
Quite a bit of them.

Who ever knew that
A woman could fall in love
With an animal?
I mean Europa fell
For me when I was in
The form of a bull,
And another woman fell for
Me when I was in the form
Of a swan.

I mean, what is with humans?
It is rather funny.
I guess I have a thing
For woman, though,
And I cannot help myself,
For I have a lust problem,
And I really like sex,
And I guess I love attractive
I mean I would probably
Go flirt and do 'it'
With someone like Kate Upton,
Candice Michelle,
Or Kelly Brook,
Or even Brooklyn Decker,
Or Selena Gomez,
But I have to watch out
For Hera's temper,
For she gets really jealous,
And I hate it when she starts
Her yapping,
And I hate it when she
Is all brutal and stuff.
Screw her,
I like my women,
And I will have it my way.

And, you probably also know
That I fathered many
Heroes as the Greeks
Called them,
For they were my children.

I fathered Hercules,
And many more,
And they all did heroic
But I did kill some of them,
Such as good ol' Hercules,
For he freed Prometheus
From his binds,
And I killed Hercules
On the spot.

I am rather short-tempered,
And can be very vengeful,
For I will strike down
Anyone or anything
That ticks me off.
I have a lightningbolt,
And I have aegis,
My shield,
And I am not afraid to use it.

Though, I have been tricked,
Especially by Hera,
That nasty person she is.
Darn! If only
I could get back at her,
Oh, well,
It works.

I guess I am also
The peacekeeper of the gods,
For they are always whining to me,
Like Hades whines that he is lonely,
And Aphrodite whines about the little
Attention she gets,
And Hera whines about me
Cheating on her,
And Demeter whines when
She does not get to see
Her daughter because she is with Hades.

I get sick and tired of it,
And all I want to do is
Go relieve myself of my duties,
And I just want to get some me time,
Even if it is, guiltily,
With another woman,
But, yes, that is that.

I guess I can get tired of my job,
But hey, it works,
And I will always be King,
Unless Kronus tries to
Come back or something,
But, hey, no one is going to do
That now, would they?

After all, Mt. Olympus
Is where its at,
Despite the gods
And their whining,
I mean, all we need
Is Dionysus,
And it's perfect.

So, I am kind of
Liking this joint,
So I will stick with it,
Even if it is the
Rest of eternity,
But, hey, what gives?
I'm a god,
So I can do whatever I want,
So yeah,
It's all good.

I am done complaining,
So it was nice meeting you,
And there is a throne that
Is awaiting my arse,
And a beautiful woman
Waiting in my bedroom,
So if you excuse me,
I will not keep them waiting,
And just one more thing,
Don't tell Hera.

Thank you,
And it was nice meeting you;
Have a good day.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is the first of the Greek god poems; I just wrote them because they are fun and a bit humorous. I guess it makes mythology a bit more entertaining. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment and vote.

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  • Aditi Khandelwal (8/26/2012 9:17:00 AM)

    This is nice... It makes mythology nice and less boring :)
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