Abdul Wahab Poetry Poems

The Way Of Poetry

Would you tell me
Is poetry in logic

Or logic in poetry

***me (Two) (Popular Poetry)

Me (I wanted to write this one as simple and popular poetry, however, suggestions are welcome)

People wonder from where I get so much strength
Though I am not born in a wonderful land

>≫≫Poetry And Other Arts

I am not a dreamer
So my poems are not dreams
Nor they are my dances
As I am not a dancer

Global Poetry

Poetry from around the globe
From every corner of the world from every nations
On every human emotions, original and
Universal, no distinctions on races and religions,

Alter Ego (Popular Poetry)

A friend of all the times
In high and low
In need
Joy and sorrow

<≪≪ Poetry


Unexpectedly poetry came to me
It is not rising on the top

Eyes (Popular Poetry)

Magically crafted and sugar coated words
Cascading like a lei of pearls
From the twisted lips
Elixir juice

**door (Popular Poetry)

I am very unfortunate old and poor
But rich and young
Will come to play
Any time

***mind Your Indulgence (Popular Poetry)

Before the game
Is the preparation

After the game

Simple Idea (Language Poetry)

‘Air ‘is unable to fly with a ‘ch'
Though I know how to make
‘able ‘to stand with a ‘Ta'
In the dingy corner of my room

Collocation And Intonation (Popular Poetry)

Imperialist hangover…

Father says
Who knows English

Ideology And Poetry

Keep continue the search
Truth, god and beauty
Love and peace
Till your

Today No More I Can Write Poetry

I am here standing in front of you to day
To confess something I have done wrong
According my conscience and etiquette of the world
I have banned one well reputed poet

Poetry Brawl

Basically I am a person, very nice
Outside green inside warm and red
With a small mouth and a round face
I roll over around on this globe, great.

The Art Of Talking Is Another Name Of Poetry

If you want to talk
And in the process want to learn the art of talking
Then you are requested to sit down beside me
One more request to you

<≪ A Call To Liberate Poetry

Come to the field where
Blows only revolutionary wind
Nick time six o'clock in the morning
Tomorrow some of us are going

>≫≫A World Without Poetry

A world without poetry

Once a friend asked
‘’What draws you to the field of poetry? ‘’

>≫≫English And English Poetry

Without knowing English
No one can write English poetry
This perception goes horribly wrong
When everyone of Britain does not qualify to be a poet

Father's Take On Poetry

Few lines
From my head

Perfectly rhymed

Art And Poetry

the man who thinks
Tears are merely drops of water
Ooze from eyes and cries are nothing but sounds
Produced in mouth, I fear and doubt

***the Night Carrying Hundred Hills (Popular Poetry)

In the fight of love
Broken all the bangles
In my hands

***storm (Popular Poetry)

Open your third eye and see
A violent storm in the deep sea
Over turning the ships of impure
Rushing in madly towards the shore

Long Live Our King! (A Skit Poetry)

Among the rats, the king asked his subjects
to democratise education in his la, la land
with the best intention to make them understand
the essence of the ‘king' but Karl raised the

Sexing (Language Poetry)

Dear sisters and brothers
Either young or old
do your sexing very well
like me everyday

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