Abdul Wahab Poets Poems

Written For Poets

Who will go through your poems?
Do you read regularly of any great?

I know this thought may harm me
Yet this is the truth I have to tell you

Politics Of Poets

A politician is rare
with exceptional talent
by his sheer politics
Yet he rules stupid

Complains Against The Poets

Always complains are there against poets
For being petty and writing on trivial things
And rounding their mind on lower middle class issues
When I heard these charges I was too angry

>≫≫Big Themes Small Poets

Ambitious poems contains themes of cosmic love
Cosmic rays, infinity eternity and heavenly bliss
And something which comes down over our head,
Nothing wrong with these, they are all great and big

Poets, Oh! Poets Awake Awake And Face The World!

Life is bright and a pleasure to enjoy!
And above how nice to see the moon light!
Love is without blemishes and bliss in life!
Poets lie; lie more as much as you can!

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