Abdul Wahab Power Poems

>≫≫Power Of Being Compassionate

After losing my temper and doing wrong
I feel a bit ashamed like every wise man
Thinking that I am so fragile and weak
Like a piece of glass with so low points

Mother Of Power

Female female
Female male
Woman man
All are possible

Power Bank

Power Hungry Creatures

Power hungry dogs and bitches
The worthless creatures that do not have anything to give
Anything to do or anything to create, anything to contribute
Those shameless people turn into a power hungry dog, a swine

>≫Unseen Power

People draw people
To one another after getting attracted
With a new idea, with a new belief
As of a piece of object is drawn to another

<≪≪ Brute Power

Brute power is attributed
To animals but to man
It is sheer brain
And he has been assigned

Will Power

One by one
They were all called

Including the vast ocean
And the mighty hill

Error Success