Bijay Kant Dubey Power Poems

Communists Are The Power-Hungry People

Communists are power-hungry,
Blood-thirsty people,
Goondaism, bossism and politicking,
The three things of the party,

For the communists, power springs
From the barrel of the gun,
Who said it,
When said he,

When The Cpi(M) Had Been In Power In Bengal

When the CPI(M) Party had been power in Bengal,
It tried its utmost best to demolish
The constitutional structure
Of Indian democracy,

The Communists Play With Power And Politics

The communists play with power and politics
And they know it well
As a tiger plays with a goat
And a cat with a rat.

For Religion, Power And Politics, They Finished Syria

Just for fanaticism, power and politics,
They finished Syria
Just for chair,
Keeping power with,

Blasphemy, Blasphemy Too Is An Idea, The Power Of Reasoning

The delight of abusing God,
They do not know it,
The religiously blind or mad people
As they cannot question

The Drama Of Kiran Bedi, The Nautanki Of Coming Into Power

The drama of Kiran Bedi
Nobody knows it her
Lust for power,
Her perception of being

When The Cpi(M) Had Been In Power In West Bengal

When the CPI(M) had been in power
In West Bengal,
Administration had been
In the hands of the organizations

When The Cpi(M) Was In Power In West Bengal

When the CPI(M) was in power in West Bengal,
There was but the reign of terror,
They used to terrorize
And keep the power with them


The CPI(M) should leave its nasty,
Dirty polity of
Coming into power
Through bandhs, hartals and closures,

Misuse Of Power By The Cpi(M)

The Leftist barbarism
We have not forgotten,
We not forgotten it
The Red terror,

For Keeping Power, The Cpi (M) Can Do It All

For power, the CPI(M) can wreak havoc
As for keeping it,
Ever ready to bargain,
Make an overthrow,

Daru, Ladki And Power, Three Things Of The Communists

Wine, girl and power,
The three things of the communists
And for them,
They can even not marry,

The Bloody Power Politics Of The Cpi(M)

They did a politics
Which falls short of being
Called bossism,
The leaders behaved as bosses,

When The Cpi(M) Was In Power

When the CPI(M) was in power,
It called not man
A man
And the leader was

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