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1. Am I Ready 3/15/2013
2. Are You Listening 9/21/2012
3. Deep, Sweet, Passion 1/23/2013
4. Do You Love Me? No Really Love Me 4/17/2012
5. Finally (I Love You More) 5/1/2012
6. Give Me A Beat 3/19/2012
7. Heart Love And Passion 4/4/2012
8. His Love Is My Pain 4/4/2012
9. I Dont Want To Hurt 2/29/2012
10. I Got This 3/2/2012
11. I Hate You So Much 4/4/2012
12. I Know 3/6/2012
13. Ill Stay Strong 4/27/2012
14. Im Lost 5/17/2012
15. Just Look 2/27/2012
16. Kiss Me, Kiss You 2/29/2012
17. Let It Be Known, Let This Be Shown 2/29/2012
18. Momma This Pain 4/10/2012
19. My Body 3/6/2012
20. My Life Is Mine 8/28/2013
21. My Love 2/24/2012
22. My Mind, My Body, My Soul 3/20/2012
23. Oh No (Im In Love Again) 5/17/2012
24. One Love 2/24/2012
25. Our Hearts 4/19/2012
26. Passion 2/29/2012
27. Read This 2/29/2012
28. Set Me Free 11/13/2012
29. Speak To Me 3/6/2012
30. Stop Hurting Me 2/25/2013
31. Swing As I Swing 4/1/2013
32. Tell Me 2/29/2012
33. The Goverment Always Talkin 3/8/2012
34. The Truth Behind Our Lies 4/10/2012
35. This Feeling 8/20/2013
36. This Is Life 10/28/2012
37. This Me As A Beat (Rap) 12/20/2012
38. To My Body 5/11/2012
39. What I See 5/3/2012
40. What Is This 2/24/2012
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Where The Waters Meet

today i feel good
i walked in the water
loved how it felt under my feet
i look out in the oceans
and wonder
where the waters meet

so i walk i untill the water meets my breast
i look around and see more water
am i in the middle
where the waters meet

do it feel me
where the water meets my skin
so warm and soft
but yet so i wonder
where the waters meet

i give in to the waves
and lean till i float
close my eyes and i feel my self drift away
where the water meet i will never know

where the waves take me is where ill ...

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My Love

My love is power
My love is free
My love can hurt
This love that I hold
Is unlike any other

Your love can do
More than I thought

My love is here
Your love is there
We are in love

And our pain is free
But my love is real
Is yours?

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