Raj Arumugam

Raj Arumugam Poems

161. Cheap People 7/6/2013
162. Children Of The Earth 2/17/2010
163. Children Of The Open Fields 9/12/2009
164. China 60 10/1/2009
165. Chrysanthemum Petals In The Grove 2/13/2010
166. Chrysanthemums By A Stream, With Rocks 12/23/2016
167. Chuang Tzu’s Butterfly 5/6/2009
168. Clarity 12/18/2008
169. Class Excursion To The Police Station 12/29/2011
170. Class Wisdom 6/25/2014
171. Claw Enforcement 7/29/2013
172. Colbert Report: Australia 9/18/2010
173. Come Clean 3/23/2012
174. Come, Let Us Sit Below This Tree... 11/9/2008
175. Come, Sit With Me At My Table 11/9/2008
176. Comfort 11/7/2008
177. Coming To The Island (Or The Poet In Exile) 11/25/2011
178. Communication 11/6/2008
179. Comparative Living 12/13/2008
180. Compilation Of Proverbs 8/10/2009
181. Complete Text Of The Discovery Of The Kama Sutra 9/25/2011
182. Completion 2/26/2012
183. Concerning My Adventures In Hell 12/24/2012
184. Conditioned Into Fixed Worlds 6/13/2009
185. Confines 12/13/2008
186. Consolation 5/3/2009
187. Costume Of Cleopatra For Ida Rubinstain 4/15/2012
188. Could I Borrow Your Donkey, Nasrudin? 9/7/2011
189. Countless Generations Of Bards And Preachers 5/16/2009
190. Couple Under An Umbrella In The Snow Couple Under An Umbrella In The Snow 2/14/2012
191. Couples 11/26/2008
192. Course Fees, Student: Nasrudin 9/21/2011
193. Critics Have Appeared 4/26/2009
194. Crow In The Mind 11/6/2008
195. Cupid Offers Help To The Widow 3/16/2010
196. Cyclists Plenty 1/11/2009
197. Daddy! Daddy! Said Adam... 10/1/2010
198. Daddy, Daddy, I Can’t Go To School 7/25/2009
199. Daffy Duck The Philosopher 5/25/2009
200. Damned Loser At Poetry Sites 9/20/2011

Comments about Raj Arumugam

  • Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi (2/18/2012 11:05:00 PM)

    Quite sarcastic poet and I like to read his poem.

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  • Nithya Raghavan (11/7/2008 1:02:00 AM)

    the poem gentle sleep was very nice...it is true that sometimes we have to let go of things and let destiny take its turn...very beautiful...very inspiring........

Best Poem of Raj Arumugam

2-Min Iq Test

this popup
jumps up on me
most unexpectedly
with a BOO! and a Hee! Hee! Hee!
(which is what, I guess,
popups do best)

you see,
all I’m doing is minding my own business
punching keys on my keyboard
(which is what idiots like me do best)
and this popup
shows up and says:
Hey bald and sexy –
point that mouse at me and click!
Come, let me show you how low
your IQ really is!

Oh, please - popup,
don’t pop up on me
cos I’ve got a weak heart
and I may just go POOOP!
like a bubble
just like that; ...

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Quiet Man Drained

It is two a.m. and I wake to the cold
and the silence and the anonymous darkness.
The mind
I am not the thinker
moves from in between states to full awareness
and it grips at my pits so. What is this feeling?
What is this pain and emptiness? It churns the entrails
and takes waves to hit hard against the cave of the head
and the creature living inside has to take all the pain.

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