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Ramdas Bhandarkar Poems

121. Love Is Fertile Land For Great Virtues! 6/1/2012
122. Love Is God And God Is Love! ! ! 2/4/2014
123. Love Is Like That! 10/17/2013
124. Love Is Not Blind, Only Lovers Become Blind In Its Blaze 12/24/2012
125. Love Makes Crow Sing! 7/12/2012
126. Love Of Radha, Lord Krishna! 8/9/2012
127. Love What You Have... 12/26/2013
128. Love, Thee Shine Like Golden Lotus 6/27/2012
129. Low Differences Lead To Silence 10/22/2013
130. Luring Us Is Mind Impure 10/25/2013
131. Man Is Especially Special! 5/27/2012
132. Many Things I Could Never Be Able To Tell You 1/31/2014
133. Master Of Mind Can Only Be A Master Mind! 7/30/2012
134. Mind Is Garuda Of Lord Mahavishnu! 6/25/2012
135. Mindful And Thoughtful Is Better Than Successful! 8/10/2012
136. Mining For Precious! 9/11/2012
137. Mirrors Can Produce Images, But Not The Object 12/19/2012
138. Misery 11/6/2013
139. Move, Move, Keep Yourself On The Move! 7/31/2012
140. My Grand Ma's Advice And Wishes! 9/2/2012
141. My Life Is My Present Tense 3/3/2014
142. My Lord, You Build Your Own Shrine! 7/5/2012
143. My Soul Is Not From Elsewhere 1/11/2014
144. My Spine Is Thy Flute! 8/20/2012
145. My Voice Is Lost In Thier Noise. 12/16/2012
146. My World Is Beautiful! 9/13/2012
147. Nature 2/5/2014
148. No One Can Serve Two Bosses 11/2/2013
149. No One Is Orphan, If Companion Is In Hearts! 5/22/2012
150. No Tree Can Stand Tall Without Roots Spread! 9/4/2012
151. No, No, We Are Either Busy Or Lazy... 1/11/2014
152. Not A Cage, But Stage, Where Hell Or Heaven Is Built! 7/6/2012
153. Not Here To Set Standards 11/14/2013
154. Not With Swords, But With Loving Heart! 12/3/2012
155. Now Humanity Stands Before Own Grave! 7/25/2013
156. O Kid, What You Meditate Upon? 7/2/2012
157. O My Soul Mate! 7/29/2013
158. O Nature, I Owe You More! 8/10/2012
159. O Wanderer! 11/1/2013
160. O, My Beloved! 6/27/2012
Best Poem of Ramdas Bhandarkar

Dance, Dance Everywhere!

Dance, Dance Dance
When I look at the sky,
I see the clouds dance
Into steps of winds
My heart dance when I watch clouds dance!
How it can make me dance?

Without any tune or beats,
Its own beats me my heart dance.
Some strange tune it sings in silence and dance!

When I see at shore of ocean waves that dance,
Some birds in sky fly and dance,
On the waves boats that to the tune of waves, dance,

My mind sing lyricless
music to which it dance!

When I walk along the beach,
The headless crown of palm trees ...

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Singing Bird, I Was!

Bird, singing Bird, I am!
Got trapped myself,
lured by desires and
Effects of my own karma!
I found myself in cage,
Made by my own fate,
who become my master!

But when I started singing,

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