Ravi Sathasivam Poems

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Again, Left Alone.....

A year has been passed since I left home
Again my life become lonely in the military barracks
My life without you, left me with only tears
I know that you never want to see me in tears

My Heart Is Opened For You.........

I have opened my heart for you
and kept a place in my heart only for you
Get inside my heart with your love my darling
and make me feel happy with your passion

My Own Proverb

'The light house is there to guide direction to all the sailing ships to reach their port safely,
so God is always there for us to guide to reach our goals wishes and highest destinations.
Do not lose your faith for anyone'.

Home, Sweet Home.....

There is no place like home in this world
Home sweet home where I always live so happily
A light from the sky seems to bless us there
and God's love is spread all over there

Hello, My Little Angel

Hello, Is that my little baby on the phone
Say angel now, hello to your father
I know you are so tiny and cannot talk
I hear your cry noise flushing my ears

Happy Birthday.................

Happy birthday my sweet heart.
Let my prayers bring you life long happiness
Let my soul garland your heart with love
Let the heaven shower his blessings to you.

Until You Become My Wife......

How can I tell you about my love on you
Its difficult to explain anyone to understand
Do you know how much you mean to me
Without you my heart gets sore and pain

God's Love Is The Most Valuable Gift.......

God loves you and me with an everlasting love
He has drawn us with His loving kindness
God wants us to love our enemies and do good to all
and nothing to expect anything in return

My Paper Love.....

I write you a love mail on a piece of paper
and send it across for you to read it with love
Since, I am far away from you with my dreams
and I can only write all my feelings on a paper

I Am Waiting For My Love.....

When the sun has gone away
then the beautiful night is singing on the way
I am waiting for the stars to shine again
I am waiting for the cool breeze to touch my soul again