Richard Corbet Poems

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The Fairies Farewell

FAREWELL, rewards and fairies,
Good housewives now may say,
For now foul sluts in dairies
Do fare as well as they.

To His Son, Vincent Corbet

What I shall leave thee none can tell,
But all shall say I wish thee well:
I wish thee, Vin, before all wealth,
Both bodily and ghostly health;

The Distracted Puritan

Am I mad, O noble Festus,
When zeal and godly knowledge
Have put me in hope

An Epitaph On Doctor Donne, Dean Of St. Paul's

He that would write an epitaph for thee,
And do it well, must first begin to be
Such as thou wert; for none can truly know
Thy worth, thy life, but he that hath lived so.

Aan Elegie On Dr. Ravis, Bishop Of London

When I past Paul's, and travell'd in that vvalke
Where all our Britaine sinners svveare and talk,
And then beheld the body of my Lord
Trood under foote by vice that lie abhorr'd,