Robert Burns

(1759-1796 / Ayrshire / Scotland)

Robert Burns Poems

481. Epistle To Davie, A Brother Poet 11/15/2014
482. Impromptu Lines To Captain Riddell 11/15/2014
483. Song—my Collier Laddie 11/15/2014
484. Epigrams Against The Earl Of Galloway 11/15/2014
485. Epigram On A Country Laird (Cardoness) 11/15/2014
486. Ode On The Departed Regency Bill 11/15/2014
487. Ode On The Departed Regency Bill 11/15/2014
488. Verses Written With A Pencil At The Inn At Kenmore 11/15/2014
489. Song—the Banks O' Doon (First Version) 11/15/2014
490. Song—wandering Willie (Revised Version) 11/15/2014
491. Sappho Redivivus: A Fragment 11/15/2014
492. Verses To Collector Mitchell 11/15/2014
493. Apology To Mr. Syme For Not Dining With Him 11/15/2014
494. The Inventory 11/15/2014
495. Song—will Ye Go To The Indies, My Mary? 11/15/2014
496. Song—fragment—why Tell The Lover 11/15/2014
497. Song—the Lass Of Cessnock Banks 11/15/2014
498. Song—clarina, Mistress Of My Soul 11/15/2014
499. The Twa Dogs 3/29/2010
500. Epitaph On My Ever Honoured Father 10/24/2014
501. Auld Farmer's New-Year-Morning 12/31/2002
502. Song—kissing My Katie 10/27/2014
503. Song—Composed in Spring 5/13/2001
504. 491. Song—Lassie wi' the Lint-white Locks 1/8/2016
505. 320. Lines to Sir John Whitefoord, Bart 1/8/2016
506. 233. Song—O were I on Parnassus Hill 1/30/2016
507. 381. Song—Fragment—No cold approach 2/1/2016
508. 523. Song—The Cooper o' Cuddy 2/15/2016
509. 329. Verses on the destruction of the Woods near Drumlanrig 3/29/2016
510. Epigram—Divine Service at Lamington 3/30/2016
511. Song—Farewell thou stream that winding flows 7/12/2016
512. 516. Song—I'll aye ca' in by yon town 7/21/2016
Best Poem of Robert Burns

Banks O' Doon, The

Ye banks and braes o' bonie Doon,
How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair?
How can ye chant, ye little birds,
And I sae weary fu' o' care!
Thou'll break my heart, thou warbling bird,
That wantons thro' the flowering thorn:
Thou minds me o' departed joys,
Departed never to return.

Aft I rov'd by Bonie Doon,
To see the rose and woodbine twine:
And ilka bird sang o' its luve,
And fondly sae did I o' mine.
Wi' lightsome heart I pu'd a rose,
Fu' sweet upon its thorny tree!
Any my fause luver staw my rose,
But ah! he left the thorn wi' me.

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The Rigs O' Barley

It was upon a Lammas night,
When corn rigs are bonnie,
Beneath the moon's unclouded light,
I held away to Annie:
The time flew by wi' tentless heed
Till 'tween the late and early,
Wi' sma' persuasion, she agreed
To see me thro' the barley.
Corn rigs, an' barley rigs,

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