Robert Hayman Poems

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The First Booke Of Qvodlibets

1. Of mine owne Quodlibets.

Though my best lines no dainty things affords,
My worst haue in them some thing else then words.

The Fovrth Booke Of Qvodlibets

1. To the Reader.

Sermons and Epigrams haue a like end,
To improue, to reproue, and to amend

The Second Booke Of Qvodlibets

1. To the Reader of my reprehending generall Epigrams.

I Doe not, nor I dare not squib the State:
Such oultrequidant sawcines I hate:

The Third Booke Of Qvodlibets

Iustice Epigram.

Kings doe correct those that Rebellious are,
And their good Subjects worthily preferre: