Robert Ronnow

Robert Ronnow Poems

121. Anyone Who Wants To Fight Me All The Time 1/16/2015
122. Blackbrush 1/19/2015
123. Sunset 4/1/2015
124. The Seasons Inure Us To Loss 4/5/2015
125. To The Gods 4/8/2015
126. White Waits 4/12/2015
127. Wetland Song 4/14/2015
128. Birding By Ear 4/26/2015
129. Of Judith And Inanna 5/11/2015
130. Jones' Nose 6/4/2015
131. Bad Movie 6/10/2015
132. Max Joy Marries Minnie Pain 6/17/2015
133. No Cows To Look At 6/24/2015
134. Courage 7/1/2015
135. Dad's Bark 7/8/2015
136. In A Day 7/15/2015
137. All The Worlds There Are 7/22/2015
138. Acceptance 8/5/2015
139. The Wound That Never Heals 9/17/2015
140. Purposes Incomprehensible And Wonderful As These Purposes 9/24/2015
141. Get The Most Out Of Life Of Pi 10/23/2015
142. Lazy, Happy 11/18/2015
143. Netflix, Hulu 12/11/2015
144. Problems 1/6/2016
145. Morsel Of Biomass 2/4/2016
146. What Have I Seen? 2/20/2016
147. Aaron's Coconut 3/2/2016
148. The Secret Of Quality Is Love 4/11/2016
149. A Job In The Garden Of Eden 5/4/2016
150. Fundamental Physics 10/27/2016
151. Material Life 10/28/2016
152. Enduring Spinning 12/6/2016
153. The Ordinary Care Of Providence 12/6/2016
154. Nineteen Minutes To Bedtime 12/21/2016
155. Urination, Don't Take It For Granted 12/27/2016
156. Long As You're Living 1/18/2017
157. Exponential Decay Function 2/8/2017
158. Aging As A Spiritual Practice 3/7/2017
159. Antifragility 4/4/2017
160. Out Of Emptiness 5/9/2017
Best Poem of Robert Ronnow

To Have Loved Mary

Today is Sunday and I'm going to the ocean
or maybe not. Definitely not doing the laundry
or maybe I will. Moss and even a small tree
grow in the rotten stubs of the pier pilings.
The city is Seattle and it has a macho airport.

Give me the comfort of a moose knowing its
water supply. The mosquito's acceptance of its position
among a million mosquitoes. The pool of stagnant
water that remains one with the mothering ocean.
I drift on the air, less than a seed, a bacteria.

Or I am human, big dick, big brain containing
universal philosophic affidavit. ...

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To Go On

If you see a hawk
on a bough at field's edge
beyond the corner you should have turned
maybe it's a sign to go on.

Such as during an improvisation on
Flamingo or I've Got You Under My Skin
you play in the wrong key or mode completely
maybe it's a sign to go on, in the wrong key.

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