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Robert Ronnow Poems

161. The Master Algorithm 6/6/2017
162. To Go On 7/1/2017
163. In The Singularity 7/5/2017
164. Blue Grama Grass 8/10/2017
165. Homework 9/7/2017
166. I Can Clean. I Can Drive. 10/11/2017
167. Jack's Time Out 11/8/2017
168. Earth 1/29/2015
169. Chinese Sonnets 1/31/2015
170. Adnate To The Funicle 1/31/2015
171. Operational Culture For The Warfighter 2/17/2015
172. I Prefer To Sleep And Dream 2/22/2015
173. Troy And Desanda 3/15/2015
174. Reverse Gestation 3/26/2015
175. A Gun In Every Home 3/26/2015
176. Peace Out 3/26/2015
177. Motel Room 1/8/2018
178. Numerous Blue Notes 2/5/2018
179. Lonely Bagel 3/4/2018
180. Brilliance 4/1/2018
181. Dendrology 1/24/2015
182. A Designer Of Systems 1/1/2015
183. Miniature Juniper 12/31/2014
184. At Basketball 12/31/2014
185. Gently Unexpressed 12/31/2014
186. A Yellow Rose 12/31/2014
187. Life Is Not A Curse 12/3/2014
188. Night Drive Home 12/3/2014
189. Plate Tectonics Versus Gamma Ray Bursters 12/3/2014
190. Not Enough Heat 12/3/2014
191. Brother Death 12/3/2014
192. Caterpillar Fur 3/3/2018
193. Occupied 2/11/2015
194. Zach Sklar's Dream 12/3/2014
195. Peter Has Gotten A New Job 12/3/2014
196. Ricardo's Lunch 12/3/2014
197. Injury 1/1/2015
198. World Order 1/1/2015
199. By The Seat Of The Soul's Pants 1/1/2015
200. Toy Story 12/31/2014

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  • Mj Lemon (12/31/2014 5:14:00 PM)

    Great work. I am really enjoying your poetry...great poetry in tiny slices of life.

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To Have Loved Mary

Today is Sunday and I'm going to the ocean
or maybe not. Definitely not doing the laundry
or maybe I will. Moss and even a small tree
grow in the rotten stubs of the pier pilings.
The city is Seattle and it has a macho airport.

Give me the comfort of a moose knowing its
water supply. The mosquito's acceptance of its position
among a million mosquitoes. The pool of stagnant
water that remains one with the mothering ocean.
I drift on the air, less than a seed, a bacteria.

Or I am human, big dick, big brain containing
universal philosophic affidavit. ...

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Not Enough Heat

Not enough heat. Snow. Cold. and now rain
on Tuesday morning. traffic sloshes to work.
it is cloudy for the second straight day. the snow
was magical only for an hour. businesses might
have closed. now it's melting in a cold rain.

is the city depressing me? i ride the subway
and the people no longer seem beautiful. the noise
is just noise, no longer the power of God. i sit

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