Robert Southey

(1774 - 1843 / Bristol / England)

Robert Southey Poems

81. The Widow 1/1/2004
82. To A Goose 1/3/2003
83. To Contemplation 1/1/2004
84. To Horror 1/1/2004
85. To Mary Wollstonecraft 1/1/2004
86. To My Own Minature Picture Taken At Two Years Of Age 1/1/2004
87. To The Chapel Bell 1/1/2004
88. To The Genius Of Africa 1/1/2004
89. Wat Tyler - Act I 4/8/2010
90. Wat Tyler - Act Ii 4/8/2010
91. Wat Tyler - Act Iii 4/8/2010
92. Winter 1/3/2003
93. Written On Sunday Morning 1/1/2004
Best Poem of Robert Southey

Inchcape Rock

No stir in the air, no stir in the sea,
The Ship was still as she could be;
Her sails from heaven received no motion,
Her keel was steady in the ocean.

Without either sign or sound of their shock,
The waves flow’d over the Inchcape Rock;
So little they rose, so little they fell,
They did not move the Inchcape Bell.

The Abbot of Aberbrothok
Had placed that bell on the Inchcape Rock;
On a buoy in the storm it floated and swung,
And over the waves its warning rung.

When the Rock was hid by the surge’s swell,
The Mariners heard the ...

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Donica - A Ballad

Author Note: In Finland there is a Castle which is called the New Rock, moated about with a river of unfounded depth, the water black and the fish therein
very distateful to the palate. In this are spectres often seen, which
foreshew either the death of the Governor, or some prime officer
belonging to the place; and most commonly it appeareth in the shape of
an harper, sweetly singing and dallying and playing under the water.

It is reported of one Donica, that after she was dead, the Devi

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