Samah Khan

Samah Khan Poems

1. Penance Of The Dying 9/29/2007
2. Infertility Of Life 9/29/2007
3. Bleeding Earth 9/29/2007
4. One True Love 9/29/2007
5. Prayer Of The Leaf 9/29/2007
6. Will You 9/29/2007
7. My Fight Against Darkness 10/6/2007
8. No Tears Left To Cry By 10/9/2007
9. Without You 12/10/2007
10. Pain Is A Plenty Harried Thing 12/10/2007
11. The Nymph And I (Warning: It's Kinda Long) 12/10/2007
12. The Thought Of Losing You 12/13/2007
13. Blind, Deaf And Dead 12/14/2007
14. Dearly Beloved (Write To Me) 12/14/2007
15. Lies Of The Lamb 12/14/2007
16. Of Men And Mice 12/14/2007
17. Imperfection Of Perfection 12/14/2007
18. Catastrophe (Acrostic) 12/14/2007
19. Handsome (Acrostic) 12/14/2007
20. Null And Void 12/19/2007
21. Million Stars In The Sky (Child's Play) 12/27/2007
22. I Am Blood 12/29/2007
23. Secret Lover 2/20/2008
24. To Dad 5/20/2008
25. Child, Go To Sleep 7/29/2008
26. Break Me 7/29/2008
27. Tell Me Where It Hurts 12/14/2007
28. Death Is A Good Salesman 12/14/2007
29. I Know What A Heartbreak Is 12/14/2007
30. Forgive Me, Love 12/14/2007
31. Adichia 12/14/2007
32. 'Tis Not The Fear Of Death In Slumber 12/14/2007
33. My Fears... 7/29/2008
34. My Death For Yours 7/29/2008
35. Simplicity Of You 7/29/2008
36. Let Me Pretend 1/25/2009
37. Price Of Beauty 1/25/2009
38. Now The Voices Say 3/28/2009
39. Two Worlds 4/21/2009
40. Death Of Loyalty (Benevolent Scavengers) 4/21/2009

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Best Poem of Samah Khan

The Fear Of Fear

Fear is not what I am afraid of.
True, it is a frightful thing to fear;
But the fear of fearing fear is overwhelming
Especially when its form becomes sheer

Fear is like losing a tree of shade on a bristling day
Or losing your breath when you fall below the sea;
I fear this fear of fearing these fears
And it is this fear that is part and parcel of me.

Fear is like loving without being loved back,
Fear is like leaving without being left;
And the fear of loving and leaving and being loved and being left
Is opposed by the fear of not fearing anything ...

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One True Love

That which keeps my sense alive
Is not the Science explained through the ages,
Nor the History of all the bloody battles and equally bloody conquests
Nor wars, plague, fires and people
But what I have learnt from my forefathers
And their forefathers (who constitute my long ancestry)
Is that never believe what you’ve been taught,
Until you’ve learnt it yourself

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