Sarah Orne Jewett Poems

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Dunluce Castle

To-day upon thy ruined walls
The flowers wave flags of truce,
For time has proved thy conqueror,
And tamed thy strength, Dunluce!

A Wild Rose

A blushing wild pink rose,
    By tangled woods and ways,
A passing sweet that goes
    With summer days.

A Caged Bird

High at the window in her cage,
    The old canary sits and sings,
Nor sees across the curtain pass
    The shadow of a swallow's wings.

A Country Boy In Winter

The wind may blow the snow about,
For all I care, says Jack,
And I don’t mind how cold it grows,
For then the ice won’t crack.

A Farmer's Sorrow

The clouds look low and heavy, as if there would be rain,
It always means bad weather when you hear the brook so plain.

A Child's Grave

More than a hundred years ago
    They raised for her this little stone;
'Miss Polly Townsend, aged nine,'
    It says, is sleeping here alone

A Four-Leaved Clover

Dear Polly, these are joyful days!
Your feet can choose their own sweet ways;
You have no care of anything.
Free as a swallow on the wing,


Down in a field, one day in June,
The flowers all bloomed together,

Boat Song

Oh, rest your oars and let me drift
    While all the stars come out to see!
The birds are talking in their sleep
    As we go by so silently.

On Star Island

High on the lichened ledges, like
    A lonely sea-fowl on its perch,
Blown by the cold sea winds, it stands,

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