Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Snow Poems


Nature is exchanging icy blows
So severe with wind and flows
It is time for arrival of snow
Winter may set in and grow

Even Snow Fall

Even snow fall

The desert is perfect sight
Where you can feel right

White Snow 1

Soon the white may turn into green
The earth may come up with green scene
The flowers and trees may boom with new leaves
The anxiety and worries may soon be relieved

Snow The Villain

Snow the villain

Wednesday, December 13,2017
5: 54 AM

Cold Waves And Snow

Cold waves and snow
Friday,21st December 2018

North India under cold waves

Hard Snow

The surface was shining with glow
As the sun was lazy and very slow
It had no impact on ground
Everything looked beautiful and sound

White Snow

It had snowed for hours
We remained completely indoors
There was no other go then to confine
Though we all were feeing very fine