Bijay Kant Dubey Sorry Poems

Sorry, If I Have Hurt Your Feelings, Extremely Sorry

Very, very sorry,
If I have hurt your feelings,
If I have hurt,

I am so sorry, so sorry to feel it that
He too had the same talent,
The same genius
Which it is in me,

It pains me, pains me to see them
Loitering aimlessly, lying unemployed
And oh, jobless and unclaimed over
In this age of privatization, globalization and liberalization

Sorry Sir, You Cut Not My Poetical Beards

Sorry sir, you cut not, cut not please
My poetical beards
As may cease to remain a poet
And my poetry will die a very poor death.

I Feel Sorry

I indeed feel sorry for as and when I see them loitering,
Lying useless and abandoned on the roads,
Unemployed and jobless,
Oh, those horses, mares, ponies and asses

Why To Be Sorry? God Is With You.

Why to be sorry?
God is with you.


I Feel Sorry For The Starving Animals Of Sudan

I felt pity for
The starving animals
Of Sudan,
Starving and being let to die,

Sorry (One Liner)

I Used To Feel Sorry/ Mujhe Bahut Dukh Hota Thaa

I used to feel sorry for
The asses
Remaining unused,
Standing by the side of the footpaths

Sorry sir,
Very, very sorry,
Really very, very sorry sir,

Tears are in your eyes,
Sorry, sorry to see you
In tears,

Sorry To Have Missed Some Birthdays On The Facebook

Sorry, sorry,
Very, very sorry,
Sorry to you
In greeting you with,

Sorry, I Could Not Say Myself A Poet

Sorry, I could not say myself a poet
As it suits not my taste and temperament,
I shall wait for sometime more
Till one calls me a poet,

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