Tango Tango

Tango Tango Poems

201. The Demon Drink 11/10/2009
202. Alone 7/27/2015
203. The Old Oak Tree 2/17/2016
204. Could Never Be 4/11/2018
205. Philosopher 7/31/2016
206. Earthquake 1/31/2008
207. Yesteryear 1/26/2008
208. Friends Or Lovers 1/27/2009
209. Internet Love 8/5/2008
210. Dreaming 7/17/2008
211. Lovers Apart 5/23/2009
212. Seasons Come And Seasons Go 4/3/2008
213. The Frog And The Toad 2/4/2008
214. Dawn Approaches 5/20/2009
215. A Dream 2/14/2008
216. The Never Ending Circle 7/24/2016
217. Good-Bye 4/19/2009
218. A Moons View 9/2/2008
219. Calling Calling 11/21/2009
220. 3 Little Words 4/9/2009
221. An Ocean Apart 5/6/2009
222. Seasons Come And Seasons Go 9/25/2008
223. A Whales Tail 7/25/2008
224. Beauty And The Beast 7/8/2008

Comments about Tango Tango

  • Abedthebeast (5/27/2019 7:46:00 PM)

    Cool poem. I liked it. Keep it up.👍😃

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  • Racina Rodriguez (11/10/2009 2:42:00 PM)

    Awesome poems.
    They got a real good vibe.
    Keep it bro'.

    Racina, fellow kiwi

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  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (11/10/2008 2:18:00 AM)

    i love your poems very much

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Best Poem of Tango Tango

Beauty And The Beast

Nature is beautiful, quiet, and serene,
nature is the forest, with its many shades of green.
Nature is the birds, welcoming in the dawn,
nature is a calf, struggling to its feet as soon as it is born.
Nature is a salmon, swimming against the stream,
nature is a volcanic geyser, venting off steam.

Nature is a beast, kicking up a storm,
nature is the trees, all bent, and broken, looking so forlorn.
Nature is lightning striking the ground,
nature is a forest fire, consuming all around.
Nature is a tornado, with its screaming roar,
nature is a tidal ...

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The Hawke

Circleing lazily in the sky,
searching the earth with her eagle eye.
Sensing danger the rabbit lies prone,
towards the earth, the hawke drops like a stone.
Up, and running for all he is worth,
the rabbit heads for his hole in mother earth.
With one gigantic smack, talons tear into the rabbits back.

After gorging her self with all she can eat,

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