Tom Clark

Near West Side of Chicago / United States
Tom Clark
Near West Side of Chicago / United States

Tom Clark Poems

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Final Farewell

Great moment in Blade Runner where Roy
Batty is expiring, and talks
about how everything

Baseball and Classicism

Every day I peruse the box scores for hours
Sometimes I wonder why I do it
Since I am not going to take a test on it

40 Days

sleepwalker can never die
he is the chemical soldier
composite of latex
and atropine,

Blown Away

ephemeral as tinkerbell
unmoored yet not unmoved
tossed cloudward, flipped

The Domestic Life of Ghosts

Whoso list to haunt could do worse than to
Obtain the license, get the picture.
Spook finders must find spooks to put the face,
Name and space coordinates together.


The god of war assured King Arsounas, "Do not be fooled by words. No life is taken. Know that no one was ever born, nor does anyone die." In the violent mini-eternity of the warrior,

"Himself let him unknown contain"

Wyatt, with no insurance on his own head,
watching the execution of Anne Boleyn
from his cell in the Tower, while beyond
on Tower Hill her lovers also are executed,

Human Life

Always behind my back I hear
The spastic clicking of jerked knees
And other automatic reactions
Tracking me through the years to where


Don't hurt the radio for
Against all
Solid testimony machines
Have feelings


The smashed weirdness of the raving cadenzas of God
Takes over all of a sudden
In our time. It speaks through the voices of talk show moderators.